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Nashik - The Offical website of the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Govt. of India

Proximity to many holy temples and sites including the famous pilgrimage centre of Shirdi and a long tryst with India's sacred past, has made Nashik a confluence for the spiritually enlightened. Mythology has it that Rama, the king of Ayodhya, made Nashik his temporary abode during the 14 years of his exile. The poets Rishi Valmiki, Mahakavi Kalidas and Bhavabhooti have paid rich tributes to Nashik in many of their works. In addition, Nashik has always been the epicentre of commerce and trade. Ptolemy, the famous philosopher made a mention of Nashik in 150 BC, leading researchers to believe that it was probably the country's largest market  place.

Today, Nashik is a bustling township with a blend of the ancient and the modern. Scattered across the city are numerous forts and majestic temples. But it is also the home to many industries. The Security Printing Press of the government, which prints the nation's currency, is located here.

It is part of the green belt and is renowned for the various fruits and vegetables it produces. In fact the yield of grapes, strawberries and onions in Nashik is amongst the highest in the country.

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