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Global Vipassana Pagoda - Maharashtra - The Offical website of the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Govt. of India
Global Vipassana Pagoda
Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda is the World's Largest Pillar-less dome with a capacity to seat 8,000 meditators. In it are also enshrined Buddha's genuine relics, thus becoming the first such pagoda in India after King Ashoka's era.

In a beautiful and natural setting, surrounded by sea on three sides and atop a hillock, this architectural marvel announces the renewed possibility of learning Vipassana meditation once again, in the same pure and effective form as Buddha taught it 2,600 years ago.The Pagoda radiates peace and harmony and encourages one and all to learn Vipassana to transform oneself into a peaceful,powerful and pure person , based on the experience of millions around the world. It is decorated with Burmese facade to show gratitude to the Burmese Master Ven Sayagyi U Ba Khin who inspired Vipassana revival in the world.

Only a world that has peaceful individuals can be a peaceful place, is the Vipassana Pagoda's message to the world. For details visit

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