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Around Pune City - The Offical website of the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Govt. of India
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Around Pune
Panshet Dam
For water sports, you can visit Panset Dam and try your hand at kayaking or wind surfing at the recently developed water sports complex. There are special facilities for speed boats and water scooters. Limited accommodation is available. It is easily accessible from Pune.
  Bhatgar Dam
One of the highest river dam walls in India, built on river Velvandi, Bhatgar Dam is 40 kms from Pune. Fun lovers often frequent the entire area around the dam. ST buses play between Pune and Bhatgar Dam
Pimpri Chinchwad
As you leave Pune, and start going towards Mumbai, by the perpetually busy Mumbai-Pune national highway or by a train on the Central Railway, around 20 minutes later you will notice an increasing number of industrial establishments present on both sides of the road. This is a sure sign that you are now entering the area of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.
Various places of historical importance as well as natural beauty in the area are being developed in a pre-planned manner. Durga Devi Park and Indira Gandhi Park can be pointed out as a step in the right direction. A godess spring temple adds to the scenic beauty of the area. The inside of the temple is hexagonal in shape and there is a variety of beautiful pictures on the walls. In order to see the Devi or goddess, one has to crawl through a small cave. There is an almost-live spring in the cave, which automatically washes your feet clean before you reach the Devi. No leather articles are allowed inside the temple. There is a provision for ample clean and cool water. Evenings are usually crowded. At night due to the effect of lights, the temple looks like a 'divine beauty'! Tuesday is said to be the special day of worship of the goddess.
Sinhagad -- where valour is etched on every stone and the soil has turned red seeped by the blood of martyrs! From the time when a Koli chieftain, Nag Naik stoutly defended this fort (AD 1328) against the might of   Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq for nine months to Jaswant Singh, Aurangzeb's commander, who dragged his guns up the fort's steep shoulders to avenge the insult to Shaista Khan, who was rebuffed by Shivaji, this fort has been infused by tales of bravery.
This is the very heart of Maratha country -- Raigad, the capital of Shivaji's kingdom. Strategically perched atop a wedge-shaped block of hill, split off from the Western Ghats and inaccessible from three sides. Stories of incredible valour and heroic deeds are etched on every pebble at Raigad.
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