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Entertainment in Pune City - The Offical website of the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Govt. of India
Music, Movies and Theatre
This city offers opportunities for the culturally and musically inclined, food lovers and fashion lovers. For those interested, there are discotheques and pubs in the Cantonment area. During the summer months 'rain dances' and beauty pageants are held regularly. Western music performances and rock shows are held throughout the year. Such information can be found in the local dailies. Most of the colleges here have very professionally organised annual festivals offering a gamut of Western and Indian music competitions, fashion shows and fun games. Also the famous Gandharva Mahotsav held here every December attracts serious music lovers. You can hear great performers of Indian classical music at a very nominal price.
Empire Cinema, Connaught Road and West End Cinema on Moledina Road both show pulpy English language films, while West End also screens Bollywood flicks in the afternoon. The Film and Television Institute of India, Law College Road is known for its many famous alumni and offers more serious movies, though you have to be a member. Nehru Memorial Hall, in the Cantonment area, and Bal Gandharva Theater, Jangli Maharaj Road, stage performances of Indian drama, music and dance. For more detailed listings and schedules, see the "Pune Plus" section in The Times of India
Sports lovers can rent tennis courts. Table tennis and badminton courts are also available at the Deccan Gymkhana, Ladies Club and WIE complex. Swimming is also frequently enjoyed here and one can buy a day or a month's pass at the S P College swimming club or the Law College swimming club.

For water sports, you can visit Panshet Dam and try your hand at kayaking or wind surfing at the recently developed water sports complex. There are special facilities for speed boats and water scooters. Limited accommodation is available. It is easily accessible from Pune.
Ganesh Festival

While Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated all over India, the festival is most extravagant at Pune. Traditionally a household affair, it was converted into a public celebration a century ago when the freedom fighter, Lokmanya Tilak, used it to unite   people during the freedom struggle. Ganesh (or Ganapati) is after all, the remover of all obstacles - the god of luck. All through out the 10-day festival -- families and friends come together to eat  modak, the famous sweet loved by Ganesh and enjoy organised theatre, art and music performances. At the end of the 10th day, plaster and clay images of Ganesh, many of them six-metres high are taken by individual families and mandals or groups and carried in huge processions to be immersed in water. The immersion ceremony starts at around 5 pm in the afternoon on the 10th day and for some ends around early morning of the next day. A specific route is followed, lined with food stalls for the hungry and thirsty. Many Puneites camp out on this route for the entire night to get a good glimpse of the idols. This procession is the climax of the very popular Pune Festival organised by MTDC, consisting of classical dance and music performances, folk dances, and village festivities including bullock cart races and wrestling.

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