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Maharashtra Tourism --- The Offical website of the Maharashtra Tourism
District Wise List of Land / Properties of MTDC
Raigad District
Sr.No. Place & District Description of Land Survey/Gat/CT S No Area in Date of possession Title in the name of MTDC Status
1 Akshi-Nagaon-I Tal-Alibag 294/3(P) 40407 (Govt.) 20/1/1975 MTDC Open land given on long lease.
2 Akshi-Nagaon-II Tal-Alibag 294/3(P) 756015 (Govt.) 12/7/1993 MTDC Open land given on long lease.
3 Hal (Khopoli) Tal-Khalapur 20(P), 20(3), 22(1,3 & 4-A) 14079 (Govt.) 9/6/1988 MTDC & Khopoli M. Council Wayside Amenity Centre Motel Madhughat. Given on short lease.
4 Devghar (Harihareshwar )-I Tal-Shrivardhan 65/1A/1 62/B-1B 62/1A/1 50000 (Govt.) 7/7/1990 MTDC Delux Tent Resort run by MTDC.
5 Devghar (Harihareshwar)-II Tal-Shrivardhan 65/1-A(2) 9800 (Govt.) 5/9/1990 MTDC Holiday Resort run by MTDC.

Devghar (Harihareshwar )-III Tal-Shrivardhan

607-B(P) 700 (Pvt.) 12/10/1994 MTDC Land purchased for well.
7 Raigad Fort, Tal-Mahad Holiday Resort 7864 (Govt.) 18/12/1980 Govt.

Holiday Resort given on short lease.

8 Kihim, Tal-Alibag

146/2, 147/1 147-2A, 147-2B 147-2K, 147-2D 147-2E, 147-3A 147-3B, 148, 259-E & 265

25970 (Govt.) 20/1/1975 MTDC Tent Resort given on long lease.
9 Diveagar*, Tal-Shrivardhan 44/1K 25000 (Govt.) 6/1/1996 MTDC Tent Resort given on short lease.
10 Matheran-I**, Tal-Karjat 101 19526 (Govt.) 20/1/1975 MTDC Scot Bungalow given on long lease.
11 Matheran-II**, Tal-Karjat 4 & 5 14570.4 (Govt.) 20/1/1975 MTDC Holiday Resort run by MTDC.
12 Surekhar*, Tal-Alibag 100 311800 (Govt.) 28/12/1995 MTDC Open land in Possession with MTDC.
13 Murud-Janjira**, Tal-Murud 739, 730, 733, 734 2800 (Govt.) 1057.6 (Govt.), 74.8 (Govt.), 75.6 (Govt.) 20/1/1975 MTDC & Govt. Holiday Resort with open land given on long lease.
14 Elephanta***, Tal-Uran 25/2 & 64/0 354900 (Govt.) 20/1/1975 Govt. Tourist Banglow and Restaurant run by MTDC. Forest Land in possession with MTDC.
15 Alibag-I*, Tal-Alibag Near 46-A 1276 (Govt.) 12/8/1977 MTDC Toilet Unit handed over to Alibag Municipal Council for maintenance.
16 Alibag-II*, Tal-Alibag 46-A 5020 (Govt.) 28/12/1995 MTDC Open land given on short lease.
17 Kashid*, Tal-Murud-Janjira 34/1-A 8000 (Govt.) 9/1/1996 MTDC Open land in possession with MTDC.
Note :-
* : Land transferred on lease hence N.A. tax is not payable
** : Land transferred in liue of share capital hence N.A. Tax to be paid.
*** : As the land is acquired/purchased/donated the N.A. Tax is payable.
**** : It is to be decided if the N.A. tax is to be paid or not as the said lands are not transferred to MTDC either in lieu of share capital or on lease, however the said lands are in possession of MTDC.
Govt. : Government land
Pvt. : Private land
Disclaimer :-
  1. M.T.D.C. is a fully owned Govt. Company of Govt. of Maharashtra.
  2. M.T.D.C. has not appointed any individuals, organization as agents in the matter of any transaction of the above land /properties
  3. All are informed that the these properties are fully non-transferable and hence non-saleable.
  4. Only lease agreement can be created by following the due procedure of law.
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