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Saguna Baug
Saguna Baug is a 55- acre Farm of Shekhr Bhadsavle. The farm offers rich produce of fresh dairy Milk, Mangoes, Papayas and host of other fruits and Vegetables for tourists to savour. The farm also does aquaculture farming of fish, mushrooms, orange color Chinese carp, sea basis, tiger prawns, Crab, tilapia and trout.

The farm offers many activities such as:-

  1. Boating in Pond
  2. Nature Walks
  3. Traditional Walks
  4. Botanical Visits
  5. Bird- Watching
  6. Star Gazing with telescope
  7. Campfire
  8. Traditional tribal dance
Tour Organizer:-
Saguna Baug
Village Malegaon,
P.O. Neral, Dist- Raigad
Pin- 410101.
Tel: (02148) - 238438 / 338


Tour Name:Farm Tour
Place / Style: Saguna Baug Farm
Rate per head: Day (12 hrs) - Rs.300/-, 24 hrs- Rs.500/-, 36 hrs- Rs.600/-, Children between 3-10 yrs of age are charged half. Meals provided Package includes Maharashtra food (Salad, Papad, two vegetable preparations, Chapati, Dal, Rice and Dessert). Non- Veg preparation is charged extra.1 kg fish- Rs.200/-, 1 kg Chicken- Rs.250/-, 1 kg Mutton- Rs.350/-, 1 kg Prawns- Rs.450/-, Discounts for NCC, NSS, School trips & big groups.
  1. Dormitories:- Dorm provides basic accommodation; rooms are self contained and have capacity of 15 people each. Rooms don't have A.C, T.V & telephones. Four of such rooms are situated in a row.
  2. Cottages:-These individual cottages are situated close to pond and are best situated for small family groups. Each cottage is self contained and has maximum capacity of 5-8 people.Cottages don't have A.C, T.V & telephones.
  3. Pond- House:- Pond house has 2 rooms each with capacity of 5-6 people maximum. Complete is situated in the pond and is accessible by small bridge. Rooms don’t have A.C, T.V, & telephones.
What to see / Experience:
How to reach: - Mumbai- Neral by Road:-

Mumbai Sion- Vashi Bridge (Thane- Airoli Bridge), Konkan Bhavan- Kalamboli- Take Express way- Exit at Shedung / Khopoli (within 10 mins)- Karjat Phata- Turn left (8 km to Karjat) - Left turn (14 km) to neral-> Enter Neral-> right turn at Ambika Naka-m Railway crossing- Kalamb road- Sign board to the left- Saguna Baug / Malegaon- Turn left-> (approx 1 km) Nisarg Niketan (Saguna Baug)

Pune- Neral by Road: -
Pune Express way-> Take non toll exit (At centre of Ghat) to Khopoli- > Old highway to Mumbai- Approx 15 km to Karjat Phata / Hal Phata Right turn to Karjat (8 km)- Turn left to Neral- (Approx 14 km)- Enter Neral- Turn Right At Ambika Naka- Railway crossing- Kalamb road-> Pass Small bridge then bid bridge- (Approx 200 meters After bid bridge)- Sign board to the left- Saguna Baug / Malegaon- Turn left- (Approx 1 km) Nisarg Niketan (Saguna Baug).
Please Note:-
  1. We don’t provide soaps and bath linen.
  2. Soft drink are not served but can be consumed on the farm.
  3. Extra pair of clothes can be useful for swimming or moving on the farm.
  4. Mosquito coil is provided but mosquito or insect repellents can be useful for extra precautions.
  5. Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited on our premises.
  6. We are not responsible for any accidents and loss of belongings.
  1. Tour of our Farm:- It is a leisure learning process which includes information on our farm activities, our departments, products, experiments in farming, medicinal plants etc.
  2. Fish Farming:- We have 6 ponds with various types of fish which we usually show to our guests and provide information about the same.
  3. WB Ride (buffalow ride):- This is the most unique feature of our farm where we let people sit on safe water buffalow and give them a memorable experience which is usually experienced only by the rural youth.
  4. Dairy:- This is one of the oldest departments of our farm. We have gober gas plant connected to dairy which provides cooking fuel to our kitchen, Patting diary animals and milking the cow is a wonderful experience to most of the urban folks. Information on gober gas becomes vital for many college and school youths who visit our farm.
  5. Gardening and Farming:- People come to our farm to enjoy natural ambience. Some of them like to work in the farm by actually dirtying their hands in mud and participating in our farm activities which acts as “a change.”
  6. Swimming:- We have a restless river, which is untouched by industrial pollution and flowers 12 months with nice and clean water. Supervised swimming is enjoyed by all.

Optional Activities:

Following activities can be arranged according to the prevailing conditions and availability.

  1. Mountain Camping can be arranged from our side but on your risk and money.
  2. Night camp fire for cold evening.
  3. Bird watching in early morning hours.
  4. Trekking and various adventures activities can be arranged at your risk and money.
  5. Visit to waterfall in rainy season.
  6. Adiwasi folk dance for large groups.
Agriculture: - Various plants, fruits and vegetables are made available    to our guests just before leaving farm.
Aquaculture: - We have 3 types of Crops:-
    1. Rohu (Labia)
    2. Carla
    3. Cyprenus (Chinese carp)
Our special fish from river Nile is Tilapia, which is popular, all our guests and is sold like a hot cake. Preparing this fish is our specialty. We have Sea Bass, which is one of the less available, expensive and precious amongst all fish types.
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