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Gagan Bavda ( Kolhapur )

If Gaganbavda is suddenly attracting the attention of filmmakers from Bollywood, there has to be a solid reason to it. It’s simple: Gaganbavda is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Maharashtra. Located in Kolhapur, it offers a fantastic view of the Konkan coastal region and the lush green Karul Ghat apart from emerging as a favourite destination for trekkers. In fact it is quite easy to travel to Konkan from the two passes nearby.

There are a number of routes going towards the Konkan region by descending the Sahyadri ranges. All of such routes necessarily go through different passes, known as ‘ghats’. Given this topography, the village or town located on the top of the pass, especially in the Sahyadris, is always enriched with natural beauty. Gaganbavda is one of them. Just 55 kilometers from Kolhapur, exactly at the crest line on the Kolhapur-Kharepatan route, this beautiful place commands a prime location with an abundance of natural beauty. There are quite a few villages in Maharashtra ending with the word ‘bavda’ which are affixed with another name to differentiate between them. Gaganbavda has been so named because ‘gagan’ means sky and the name implies that it is at a great height from the sea level.

Such is the natural scenic beauty of Gaganbavda that is has begun to attract not just tourists but also producers and directors from the Marathi and Hindi film industries. What also adds to the charm of this place is its salubrious weather all throughout the year. Those who come here seeking trekking opportunities usually head to Shivgad and Mudagad. The amazing splendour of Gaganbavda must actually be experienced during the monsoon when the heavy rainfall lends a chill to the atmosphere and a blanket of fog envelopes the place. It is at such times that you must soak in the view with some hot ‘pakodas’ and a steaming cup of tea. Gaganbavda is easily accessible and state transport buses are available from Kolhapur. For accommodation, Gangabavda does not have much to offer but it’s easy enough to stay in Kolhapur and visit this tranquil hill station for the day.

Distance from Mumbai:  435 Kms