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Ghodazari Lake (Chandrapur Destination)

"Ghorazari Lake / Ghorazari Lake". The Ghorajari Dam was built by the British in 1923 as part of the sign. It has been built on the Gorazari River and has been confiscated. It is a muddy dam filled with nature and forests. The erection of the dam is 731.7 meters (2400.506 feet), while the height of the dam at the lowest base is 23.55 meters (77.2637 feet). Chandrapur and Ghodazari Lake are the most popular places for select crow youth. Adventure Lovers can enjoy boating, jungle trekking, Lake View Restaurant and more. Many visitors come here to catch a glimpse of the dam as the river overflows. There is a private resort on the south side of the dam. Ghodazari Lake is one of the most sought after adventure tourist destinations in Chandrapur.