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Titwala is a small town located in Thane District, well known for housing one of the most revered religious sites in the region, Titwala Ganesh Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha


Titwala, Kalyan Taluka, Thane District, Maharashtra, India.


According to the legend, this village was part of the Dandakaranya forest where the Katkari tribe lived (the tribal hamlets are located even now close to the town across the Kalu river. Sage Kanva had his hermitage here. Kanva was the author of the server hymns from Rig Veda and one of the Angirasas. He had adopted Shakuntala, who was abandoned immediately after her birth by her parents sage Vishwamitra and celestial damsel Maneka. Shakuntala's story has been narrated in the Hindu epic Mahabharata and dramatised by Kalidas,  who is considered the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language. The legend says that the Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati temple was built by Shakuntala. 
During the rule of the Peshwa Madhavrao first to resolve the drought situation in the town, the tank was designed to provide drinking water to the town. It was during the destiting operations that the structural remains of the old temple were found buried. The image of Lord Ganesha was founded by Peshwa Sardar Ramchandra Mahendale buried in the silt. Soon thereafter a stone temple was built. 
Madhavrao l consecrated the ancient Ganesha image in this new temple, after the conquest of Vasai fort. Initially, the temple was very small with a wooden hall (Sabha Mandap) and a small sanctum. Since the Peshwa temple had degenerated over time in 1965-1966 renovation work was initiated again. The present structure of the temple was constructed in 2009. This was a major project of renovation of the Temple taken up which went on for five years.
The temple is few meters away from the River Kalu, a tributary of the Bhatsa river. A Ganapati Lake is next to the temple, of which in the process of making an idol of Ganapati was found. It has walkways and a boating facility. The lake is well maintained.


Titwala is a small town near Kalyan in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It falls under Ulhas river valley. 


The prominent weather in the region is rainfall, the Konkan belt experiences High Rainfall (ranges around 2500 mm to 4500 mm), and the climate remains Humid and warm. The temperature reaches up to 30 degrees Celsius during this season.
Summers are hot and humid, and the temperature touches 40 degrees Celsius.
Winters in the region have a comparatively milder climate (around 28 degrees Celsius), and the weather remains Cool and Dry.

Things to do

1.    Visit the temple
2.    Leisure activity around the Lake
3.    Visit Ulhas Museum and Research Centre.

Nearest tourist places

  • Historical sites:-Malangad (6.7 KM) 
  • Shopping Attractions:-Metro Junction Mall (2.2 KM).
  • Japani Bazaar (10.5 KM).
  • Children's Fun Zone:-Laura Resort (4.6 KM ). 
  • Shangrila Resort 1 hrs.5 min (46.3 KM). 
  • Religious Sites:- Shakti Kripa Ashram ambreshwar  ( 2.1 KM)

Special food speciality and hotel

The place is famous for all kinds of foods,  from street foods to 5-star restaurants. 
Snacks, Biryani, Chole Bature, Fish Curry. 

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

  • Government Titwala Hospital - 1 KM
  • Titwala Police Station - 2.1 KM
  • Post Office Titwala - 0.8 KM

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

Timings:- 5.00 A.M to 9.00 P.M
Darshan starts at 6.00 A.M.
The temple is closed for darshan from 1.00 P.M to 2.00 P.M.
On Sankashti Chaturthi, the door closes at 11.00 P.M.
The temple is particularly visited on Anjavika Chaturthi which is on the fourth Tuesday of every lunar fortnight as well as Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganesh Jayanti are considered auspicious days to worship.

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi, Marathi