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Puran Poli

It is also a Maharashtra specialty that is prepared on any occasion, especially during festivals. It is known by a different name in each state. Amti is made with the leftover water from making Puran from Chana Dal. Gud is used for sweet taste in various areas of Maharashtra, particularly in puran poli.

The flatbread is also known as bobbattu or baksham or oliga in Telugu, Andhra Pradesh holige or obbattu in Kannada, puran puri or vedmi in Gujarati, puran poli in Marathi, payasabolli or simply bolli in Malayalam, poli or uppittu Tamil, bhakshalu or pole / polae in Telugu

The stuffing is created from chana dal, which is husked and split black chickpeas, also known as bengal gramme. The stuffing's sweet component is jaggery, which is unrefined sugar derived from sugar cane juice. The poli, or flatbread, is produced with whole wheat flour (atta) and all-purpose flour as well (maida). Add some ground turmeric powder to the dough for a yellow-colored flatbread.and cook in a fry pan or mud pot known as KHAPAR