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Marathi Thali

Maharashtrian cuisine is the food of the Marathi people of Maharashtra, an Indian state. We Maharashtrians love food and are proud of our cultural uniqueness. When it comes to eating, Maharashtra will never let you down. From scrumptious sweets like Ukadiche Modak, Puran-Poli, Basundi, and Shrikhand to lip-smacking appetisers like Vada-Paav, Missal, Paav-Bhaji, and Kande Pohe, Maharashtra has it all.

A traditional Maharashtrian supper can be quite elaborate. It includes a variety of vegetables, legumes, desserts, and salads. The order in which the thali is served is also very important. Consider the thali as a clock; the number 12 position is salt, to its left is a lemon slice, and then to its left is a variety of chutneys, pickles (Lonache), and salads (koshimbeers).To the right of the salt are various veggies such as paatal bhaji (vegetable curry), paale bhaji (leafy greens), suki bhaaji (dry stir fry), usal (sprouts), and Amti (chicken) (daals). Cooked white rice is shaped into a little mound called bhatachi mood and topped with a dollop of clarified butter and a brilliant yellow plain daal (varan) (toop).

Masale rice, for example, could be one of several spicy rice meals. There are two sorts of chutneys: green chutney and panchamrit, which is a tamarind/jaggery/nut based chutney. Koshimbeer — raw salads flavoured with lemon juice or a basic yogurt-based koshimbeer and paired with roasted peanut powder (daanyache koot). Mattha - a spiced buttermilk – is always offered with such a lavish lunch, as are a variety of sweets such as jalebi, shrikhand, modak, puranpoli, and so on. There could also be fried crispies such as bhuji (fritters), kothimbeer vadi, papad, saandge, and Kurdaya.