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Ganpatipul Temple

Ganpatipule is a famous Ganesha temple located on the west coast of Kokan in Ratnagiri district in Konkan of Maharashtra.


Districts / Region

Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra, India.


Ganpatipule is a small village known for the famous temple of Ganesha. A small temple was built around 400 years ago near a small stream oozing from the rocks. The present structure of the temple is recent, and there are no traces of the old temple shrine in the vicinity. The idol of Ganesha is 'swayambhu' (self-emerged). The belief is Shivaji Maharaja's officials had given various grants to the temple. Even Peshwa Nanasaheb and Peshwin Ramabai had given the grants for the construction of the temple. Ganpatipule temple is one of the most worshiped temples in Konkan.
The village is known for its long beach. The temple is on the beach. Behind the temple, there is a small hillock that is also associated with the presiding deity ie Ganesha. Devotees prefer circumambulating the hill along with the temple.


Ganpatipule temple is built at the seashore which makes it different as one can experience a relaxing time with the spirituality of the temple. The way to Ganpatipule temple goes through Western ghats. So one can enjoy the green beauty of the western ghats while heading towards the temple.


The prominent weather in the region is rainfall, the Konkan belt experiences High Rainfall (ranges around 2500 mm to 4500 mm), and the climate remains Humid and warm. The temperature reaches up to 30 degrees Celsius during this season.
Summers are hot and humid, and the temperature touches 40 degrees Celsius.
Winters in the region have a comparatively milder climate (around 28 degrees Celsius), and the weather remains Cool and Dry.

Things to do

The Beach at Ganpatipule is worth visiting. MTDC offers several water sports in Ganpatipule for tourists. There is a private museum in the village based on the ‘Culture of Konkan’.

Nearest tourist places

Kavi Keshavsoot memorial (the birthplace of a renowned poet in Marathi) is the nearest famous tourist place in Ganpatipule. The memorial is around 3 KM away from the Ganpatipule temple premise.

  • Jaigad Fort (19 KM) is the nearest fort, located on the Shastri river.
  • Krhrateshwara Shiva (23 KM) temple and Jay Vinayak Temple (15 KM) near Jaigad.
  • Omkareshwar temple in Malgund is a famous temple in Ganpatipule. It's around 28 KM away from Ganpatipule.

Special food specialty and hotel

Modak, the favorite snack of Lord Ganesh is famous and favored. Being on the coast, Ganpatipule also has a variety of seafood. Kokum drink called Sol-kadhi is also famous. One can even enjoy many types of fruits like mango, cashew, jackfruit, coconut, etc. Traditional Maharashtrian food is also available, which is a unique feature that one must try.

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel / Hospital / Post Office / Police station

MTDC hotel (beach and seaside resort) and conference center is the nearest hotel. The hotel provides accommodation and dining halls with simple meals.

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

  • Ganpatipule temple opens at 5.00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM.
  • The prayer or Aarti is done thrice a day at 5:00 AM, 12:00 noon and 7:00 PM.

The best month to visit Ganpatipule are the months of October to March. 

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi, Marathi