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Rankala Lake

Rankala Lake is situated in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra state. Rankala Lake is a freshwater lake with outstanding scenic charm. Tourists visit here to enjoy the ambience and calmness. 

Districts/ Region 

Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, India.


The origin of this lake is not known. The lake was named after the god, Rankbhairav. Some believe it was built by Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. Another belief is that stones from this place were used for the Mahalakshmi temple, forming a depression. Later, underground water filled the depression and a lake formed. Locals believe that the lake is connected to a well in Panhala fort. It is also believed that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used this tunnel to cross over to Panhala fort.


Rankala lake is located in the western part of Maharashtra to the west of Kolhapur and it is surrounded by meandering Panchganga river to its north as well as east.


The region has a hot-semi arid climate year-round with an average temperature ranging from 19-33 degrees Celsius.
April and May are the hottest months when the temperature reaches up to 42 degrees Celsius.
Winters are extreme, and the temperature can go as low as 10 degrees Celsius at night, but the average daytime temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius.
The annual rainfall in the region is around 763 mm. 

Things to do

The Rankala Lake in itself is quite a sight to see. It is spread over a large area and holds an indistinct charm. The banks of the lake are well-decorated and well-maintained with seating arrangements and small gardens. The lake offers boating facilities, and tourists can enjoy horseback riding along the lake. The banks of this lake have been modified into picturesque pathways with an abundance of tree varieties
One can spend a beautiful evening along the lake.

Nearest tourist places

(19.9 KM) - Jyotiba Temple is a holy site of Hinduism near Wadi Ratnagiri. The deity of the temple is known by the same name. It is believed that this is a Jyotirlinga of Kedarnath. An annual fair takes place on the full moon night of the Hindu months of Chaitra and Vaishakha.

● Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary (52.7 KM) - Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and natural World Heritage Site of category ix and x since 2012. It is located southwest of Rankala lake. The sanctuary is situated in the surroundings of the Bhogavati river and it is famous for animals like Bisons, Leopards, deers, etc.

● Panhala Fort (21.9 KM) – The entire Panhala village has been formed on this fort. It is one of the hill stations of Kolhapur situated at an altitude of 0.9 KM. The fort was conquered by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1659 and it has some historic importance as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had a great escape from the trap of Siddi Johar.

How to travel to tourist place by Rail, Air, Road (train, flight, bus) with distance and required time

Rankala lake is near Maharashtra state highway 277. It is served by a good number of buses plying from various nearby cities like Mumbai 380 KM (7hrs 19 min), Pune 234 KM (4hr 30 min) and Ratnagiri 131 KM (3 hr 30 min) amongst others. 

Special food speciality and hotel 

Kolhapur is famous for its non-veg spicy dishes, especially Tambda and Pandhra rassa (Red and White Gravy respectively). This area is also well-equipped for foodies with multiple food stalls serving foods like Bhel puri, Ragda patis etc. Kolhapur is a food paradise for spicy food lovers.

Accommodation_facilities nearby_&_Hotel/ Hospital/Post_Office/Police station

Various hotels are available near Rankala Talav.
Hospitals are available around 4 KM away from Rankala Talao.
The nearest post office is available at 2.1 KM in Shivaji Peth.
The nearest police station is at a distance of 1.5 KM in Shivaji Peth. 

MTDC  Resort_nearby details

Nearest MTDC resorts are available at Panhala.

Visiting Rule and Time,Best month to visit

Every season is best to visit and spend time at the beautiful Rankala Lake. Entry is free to the lake and park but you need to pay for a boat ride. There is no time restriction to visit the lake.

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