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Ankai Tankai Fort (Nashik)

Ankai generally known as ANKAI-TANKAI, the strongest hill fort in the district, rises about 900 feet above the plain and 3200 feet above the sea, six miles north of Yeola and near the Manmad and Ahmadnagar road.

The hill top commands a wide view of Khandesh and the Godavari valley. In 1818 the hill was described as nearly square, a solid rock rising from another hill with sides gradually falling towards the low country. The rock was scarped on its four sides to a perpendicular fall of from 150 to 200 feet, thus presenting on its four quarters inaccessible, smooth, and bluff faces. The top, which was about a mile round, was flat except on the eastern quarter where rose a small conical hill about 150 feet high. The point of this little cone was 900 feet above the level of the surrounding plain. The ascent to Ankai was very difficult, passing over a steep and craggy way, and through seven lines of strong fortifications. The lower gate was well built, and, with its curtains and towers, presented an independent work by no means contemptible. Passing the lower gate, the farther ascent led, through a number of difficult and intricate windings, and by flights of rock-cut steps with a low and small parapet to the left. After the last flight of steps the entrance was protected by a strong gateway and works, passing through which the ascent led, by a narrow winding stair, to the edge of the rock, which was protected by a similar gate and works on its top.