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Dharur Fort (Ahmednagar)

The fort of Dharur is over 400 years old. It offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. The fort is located at a distance of about a furlong to the west of Dharur on a hill range with an average height of about 753.47 meters (2,472 ).

The fort ramparts are of masonry and have a height of nearly 30.48 to 38.10 meters (100 to 125 ft.). There are, what appear to be, the remains of old gates of which only the frames are now in existence. Inside could be seen a mosque, probably as old as the fort itself.

The fort also contains a tank and three big wells. In the centre of this tank is a bore of 152.4 mm. (6") diameter and it appears to be the source of water to the tank.

Situated as it is to the west of the town, it has only one entrance and that is to the east facing the city, so that viewed from The City the fort appears to be a land fort. As one enters the fort, this illusion is lost on the mind and one gets a wide expanse of the hilly region stretching beyond. On the descending hill-slopes to the north are built the powerful fort walls and bastions, probably with a view to prevent any attack upon the city from that side. To make the fort impregnable and secure the town against the enemy attacks, a solid wall with bastions was built on the slopes of the hills. All the bastions except the two at the main gate are in bad repairs. The above mentioned tank probably received its supply of water from three big tanks in the city itself from which water was taken all the way to the fort through earthen pipes, running a considerable east-west length.