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Gosekhurd Dam

Gosekhurd dam is on the Wainganga River near Pauni in Bhandara district in Maharashtra, India. It is considered a major project in central India. The dam has 33 spillway gates to regulate irrigation water into the river throughout the year. 


Bhandara district, Maharashtra, India.


This purpose of this dam was to improve the irrigation in this region. It is an earth-filled dam. The foundation of the dam was laid by Smt. Indira Gandhi, on 23rd October 1984. The dam has an elevation of 92 m and length of 653 m. While constructing this dam approximately 250 villages from the proximity were relocated.


The dam has been constructed on the Wainganga river, to the south of Bhandara and southwest of Nagpur. The height of the dam above the lowest foundation is 22.5 m.


The region is mostly dry throughout the year, and Summers are extreme. The temperatures in summers are around 30-40 degrees Celsius.
Winters here came to be as low as 10 degrees Celsius.
The average annual rainfall in this region is around 1064.1 mm.

Things to do

The Gosekhurd Dam offers a picturesquescenery. This is the best place for a one- or two-day picnic. The restaurants around this place serve amazing Savji food. One can enjoy fresh fish, prawns etc. in nearby restaurants. 

Nearest tourist places

  • Koka wildlife sanctuary: Koka has been approved as a wildlife sanctuary only a few years ago in 2013. The park is situated barely 58 KM from the Gosekhurd dam. There are herbivores like Gaurs and Sambhars. The sanctuary is considered to be a heaven for animals. This place is indeed nature's priceless gift and it offers a picturesque landscape, its panoramic beauty and its pure and fresh air.
  • Swaminarayan Temple; The distance from Gosekhurd Dam to Swaminarayan Temple is about 90 KM. It is one of the most beautifully constructed wonder of present times. Beautiful wavy carvings on pink sandstone has decorated the walls of the temple, the artistry and creativity hold a very high position, one can rarely see such type of mastery in modern times. Swaminarayan temple is a perfect illustration of the greatest form of craftsmanship in stone, which is a must visit place if you travelling I this part of the world. 
  • Gandhisagar Lake: Gandhisagar Lake is located 94.3 KM from the Gosekhurd dam. The picturesque rectangular-shaped Gandhisagar reservoir is now enclosed with stone walls and iron railings. One can also found a small island in the middle of the lake with an attractive temple dedicated to the lord Shiva. One can enjoy boating in this lake especially during late evenings and early night in darkness and under the illumination of lights surrounding it, the place becomes more spectacular. 
  • Khindsi Lake: The distance from the Gosekhurd dam to Khindsi Lake is about 91 KM. The charming and huge lake is surrounded by flourishing forests on all sides. It has been the most preferred tourist destination of people of Vidarbha for several years. Tourists can enjoy boating in Khindsi Lake as various options such as motorboats, pedal boats, rowing boats, water scooters etc. are available for boating. For adventure enthusiasts, jungle trekking is also available. The place also has an adventure park for the children.

Special food speciality and hotel

Kadav Poha is the speciality of this place. Made with chopped onions, sliced potatoes and flattened rice, steam with spices and herbs. Garnished with peanuts and crushed coconut. 
The restaurants and food joints serve fish food, Savaji cuisine, a speciality of Vidarbha. 

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

Very few hotels and resorts are available near Gosekhurd dam. One can get good hotels within a radius of 30 KM.
The nearest hospital is at 11 KM.
The nearest Post Office is available at a distance of 11.8 KM in Pauni. 
The nearest Police station is available at a distance of 11.5 KM in Pauni. 

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

The monsoon is the best season to visit. Summers should be avoided as the temperature is very high here.

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi and Marathi.