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Jalna district is approximately situated at the center part of Maharashtra state of Republic of India and in northern direction of Marathwada region. Specifically district lays between. Jalna was formerly a part of Nizam State and after the Marathwada  Mukti Sangram, became part of India, as a tahsil of Aurangabad district.. Jalna district is well known for its hybrid seed industries, steel re-rolling mills, Bidi industry & Agro based industries like Dal mill. The district is also known for the highest production of Sweet Lemon (Mosambi) in the state. The peoples of Jalna district played an important role in the Marathwada Mukti Sangram, in which Shri. Janardan Mama Nagapurkar of Jalna laid down his life for motherland. The district forms the eastern part of Marathwada region of Maharashtra and is bordered by Aurangabad district in the west, 

Tourism in Jalna district is all about visiting the various temples located in the district dedicated to different gods and goddesses. Apart from the temples, a Kali Masjid also features among the many places of pilgrimage tourism in Jalna district. Pilgrimage tourism in Jalna district involves visiting the various temples situated here. A number of these temples are ancient constructs, such as the 300 year old Shree Jagdamba Devi at Matha, or the 250- year old Anandi Swami Temple. The temples are visited by a number of devotees from near and far, and they are dedicated to a number of different Gods and Goddesses.