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Mahurgadh (Nanded)

Mahurgad is considered a religious tourist place because of the number of temples existing together nearby. The spot is known for its connection with the Shakti Sect, the Goddess-centric tradition in Hinduism, and is visited by thousands of people every year.



Nanded District, Maharashtra, India.


The fort is supposed to be constructed by Yadava of Devagiri. After the fall of Yadavas, it went to Bahamanis, Gonds, Nizams, Imads and Mughal. The Gonds ruled over this region and left their footprints on the social life here. Mughals gave the jagir of Mahur to Raibagan, a brutal leader in the Mughal court. For a brief period, the fort was also with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
The tabletop on the mountain has fortification walls that run more than two adjoining hills. There is a water tank built between the two hills called Injala or Brahmatirth. The passage of the fort is through a huge and grand passageway door called Hathi Darwaja (Elephant Gate). There are few weather-beaten structures, a Chini Mahal, warehouse, water reservoirs, thoroughfares and monstrous strongholds inside the walls. Nonetheless, a significant part of the fort is covered with wild shrubs and trees. Close to the passageway entryway, there is a Mahakali temple which is regularly visited by devotees.
This place is a holy pilgrim centre for the followers of Goddess Renuka, Datta and Parshurama. The Puranic custom in Hinduism describes different stories related to this place. The hill of the fort as well as nearby places, various temples presumably arose as pilgrim centres during the Yadava time. Not a long way from the fort on a similar hill is a small Hindu cave dated to the sixth-seventh century CE.


Mahurgad is approx 2 KM from the Mahur village. One can see all the majesty of its ramparts, built along the ride of two high heels pilgrim centres, which run parallel to each other towards the south of the village.


The region has a hot and dry climate. The summers are more extreme than winters and monsoon, with a temperature up to 40.5 degrees Celsius.
Winters are mild, and the average temperature varies from 28-30 degrees Celsius.
Monsoon season has extreme seasonal variations, and the annual rainfall is around 726 mm.

Things to do

Mahur fort is known for its treks as it is in a hilly region, but one can also explore the structure of the fort and can visit all the religious places that surround the fort. One may explore the annual fair held every year on Dasara too.

Nearest tourist places

Mahurgad being situated in the village of Mahur makes some religious tourist places accessible like
●      Datta Mandir
●      Renuka Mata Mandir
●      Baba Sonaphir Darghaah
●      Parshuram Mandir
And there is a local waterfall known around the vicinity.
Mahur fort is known for its treks as it is in a hilly region, but one can also explore the structure of the fort and can visit all the religious places that surround the fort. One may explore the annual fair held every year on Dussehra too.

Special food speciality and hotel

The locals are known to embrace the authentic Maharashtrian cuisine around the fort. All kinds of food dishes are easily available around the forts due to local restaurants.

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

There aren’t many facilities on the fort as such. But there are hotels on and around the fort which makes it convenient for the tourists who want to stay over.

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

The best time to visit Mahurgad is in January because the climate is pleasant.  There aren’t any major time restrictions here. One may visit any time of the day.

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi, Marathi.


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Where to Stay

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MTDC hotel

There is a MTDC hotel in the vicinity of the fort which provides accommodation and other facilities.

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