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Malanggad (Mumbai)

Malanggad is built on a hill, 16 km south of Kalyan. It is located northeast of Badlapur and east of Mumbai and in "Sashti". To the northeast of Karanja and Uran and to the east of Bhor Ghat, Bhimashankar and Malanggad, Malshej became strategically important during the war.

This route should take you straight to the other end of Machi. From there the secret path leads to the ashram on the lower level. From there, two routes lead north-south to both ends of the mountain. A road leads to the village of Vavanje at the foot. Someone has S.T. To go to Panvel from that village. If we take the road to the north, further away, it divides into two parts. The bifurcation encircles the fort directly and reaches the entrance through a stone mouth, which looks like a palanquin. The road on the right leads to the intersection between Malanggad and Ganesh Kartik peaks. From Machi, you can reach the top of the fort by keeping the face of the rock to the right and going around it and reaching the steps cut at the face of the rock. As you cross the steps, you see a cave and a pool of water. It is very difficult to get past this place. After the initial 50-60 collapse several rock cut steps and we can cross this rock extension with the help of iron pipes laid on this path. A rope is fixed through this extension as a handhold. You can reach the top of the fort in about 10 minutes after crossing this patch. The top extension is too small. Construction without a roof can be seen. 7 water tanks have been dug behind this structure. There is a wild fig tree in the middle of the top of the fort and a little rampart can be seen on this part of the fort. Devani's peak is right in front of "Balekilla". It is customary for all pilgrims to throw stones from the fort on the Devani peak. It is said that if a stone hits the Devani peak, their wish will be fulfilled.

If you look from the east to the northeast of this fort, you can see Gorakhgad, Rajmachi, Matheran, Peb, Irshal, Prabalgad etc.