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Manikgad Fort (Nagpur)

Manikgad (also called Gadchandur) is an ancient fort in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. It is a hill fort which is 507 meters above sea level and was built by the Naga kings in 9 CE. Currently the forts are in ruins and are often inhabited by wild animals in areas such as panthers and pigs. There are also many monuments of historical significance in the area.

Manikgad was the last mind built by the Naga king Gahilu. Man Nag settled in this area around 99. Initially, the fort was renamed as Manikgad, the adored deity of Manikgad - Manikgadevi, but later it was reduced to Manikgad. The fort is built of large black stones and was a magnificent fort in its time. The ramparts of the fort connect to a valley that contains the remains of old buildings and store houses. The outline of some of the apartments is visible on the ramparts. The south tower and its base wall have collapsed. Below the valley is a cannon that was most likely mounted on that bastion. Like a cast iron gun, this cannon is made up of several iron bars. The entrance to the fort is still intact.