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Purnagad (Ratnagiri)

Purnagad fort is situated on a mountain which is at the origin of Muchakundi creek. This fort is having a small area but the bastions are having a very strong construction. One can view the entire fort premises in a sight.

The fort is having two doors, one facing east and the other facing west directions. The fort is very close to the village- Purnagad. It’s a ten minutes walk.

The main entrance door is a very robust structure between the two bastions. There is a Hanumanji’s deity and a well at the entrance. The well is presently dry and in startled condition. There is no arrangement of drinking water at fort premises. Pictures of Moon, Sun and Lord Ganeshji are carved onto the main entrance door.

A vestibule of security guards are present on the either sides of the main entrance door. There are stair cases from four sides up to the top of the fort. A mind blowing scene of Sindhusagar (Arebian sea) can be clipped from the top. According to some evidences, this fort was constructed by Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj, but some evidences suggests that, it was constructed by Shri. Sakhoji Aangre, son of Kanhaoji Aangre.