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Tender Coconut

Districts / Region

Konkan, Maharashtra, India.

Unique Features

Tender coconut known as Shahale in Marathi is the coastal feature of Maharashtra.
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Ingredients and Short Recipes

Tender coconut plays a vital role in the culture and economy of Coastal Maharashtra. In the recent past, the initiatives due to the Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth and various regional Cooperative Societies Coconut is being promoted as a commercial crop. There is a rise in coconut production in Konkan, i.e. coastal Maharashtra.
Tender coconut water has various medicinal values, but the cultural value of coconut for Maharashtra is much higher than that. There are various varieties of coconuts we get in Maharashtra, out of which very few are indigenous. Some of those have been introduced even from South East Asia.
For tourists, tender coconut is amply available in coastal Maharashtra at a very affordable price.


Coconut has been produced in Maharashtra since ages and known to the farmers for ages now. Though there is no documented history available for this, it is known at least for the last 2000 years to the region.

Cultural Significance

Wet coconut and coconut milk are used in the preparation of many dishes. Coconut plays a vital role in religious rituals as offering to the Gods. It is indeed a part of cultural tradition. A ‘Madi’ a consumable intoxicant drink is made of the tree which is locally popular in coastal Maharashtra.