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Yashawantgad (Sindhudurg)

t is a sea side fort constructed on a high ground. The fort is all constructed from laterite rocks which are available in the area. There is one elephant carved out of these rocks in this fort. There is also one stand post for the flag carved out in the stone. There is one main external wall structure and inside there is citadel. The total area is 25 acres. There are various structures some of which are multistory. These structures are palace, accommodation for soldiers, granary etc. There is also trench around the fort.

The fort was first developed during the period of rule of Vijayanagara Kingdom over this area. Redi as it is presently known was a port town of high importance and was known as Revatidweep. During that period the fort was surrounded on all the sides by water of creeks and sea. The main entry to the fort could be done from the sea. To increase the population around the fort one of the ruler constructed an earthen embankment to stop the ingress of the water. The fort changed hands from Vijayanagar to Bijapur sultanate, Shivaji, Sawantwadi state and then to the British. In 1890, British government sold the land inside to the local people however the kept the ownership of the wall with the government.

How To Reach 
Nearest Railway Station is Sawantwadi 
Reach Sawantwadi which is connected to Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Goa with direct ST and private buses. It is also connected with trains to Mumbai and Goa. From there on reach Redi by ST buses. There are also buses available from Vengurla. There is one direct ST bus for Redi from Mumbai