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Bordi Dahanu (Mumbai)

On Maharashtra’s long coastline, the Bordi-Dahanu stretch offers some of the most pristine beaches while providing a window into typical village culture where growing the fruit Sapodilla, known in India as chickoo, dominates over other activities. These places are also home to Zorastrians and Warlis who lend to the region their own unique flavour of culture and customs.

The Bordi-Dahanu region is located at a three-hour drive from Mumbai along the picturesque Sahyadri mountain range and you can sense that you have arrived once you see the row of small shops selling various religious icons and items, including lotus flowers. This is because of the imposing presence of a temple dedicated to Mahalakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. Further ahead, the 15-kilometer long stretch of white sandy beach is what makes Bordi and Dahanu so attractive, not to forget the several fruit orchards nestled in the shadows of the green mountains. The local population of these villages is primarily engaged in farming and fishing.

Dahanu is a small town characterized by the presence of the Warli tribe and the Parsis who have lived here for several generations. Unaffected by any kind of urbanisation, the village has been listed as a ‘green zone’ because of it being ecologically fragile.

The beaches of Dahanu and Bordi have remained unspoiled and that is what makes them so charming. Enjoy the sight of fishing boats returning early morning or at sunset with their catch and visit the local market to buy fresh fish, prawns and lobsters. You can also have a glimpse of Parsi culture and partake of their culinary delights if a home stay with one of the families can be arranged. The rest of the time is best spent on the beach, listening to the rhythm of the waves crashing on the coast.

Dahanu is well linked by road and rail. It is located almost equidistant from Mumbai, Surat and Nashik. The taluka has four railway stations at Vangaon, Dahanu Road, Gholwad and Bordi.

Distance from Mumbai: 140 kms

Hotels in Dahanu-Bordi (Source: India The Journey, Edition-2005)

Sr No Name & Contact Details (STD Code: 02528)
1 Anand, Mumbai Tel : 24943124/3606
2 Beachside, Tel : 2528/23376, Mumbai : 23870880/23879388
3 Bordi Beach Taopovan Retreat, Mumbai, Tel : 22665322/23674998
4 Dahanu Hotel Beachside, Mumbai, Tel : 23870880/23879388
5 Gurukripa, Tel : 255046
6 Hill Zill Holiday Resorts Mumbai, Tel : 24378511
7 Kashid Beach Resorts, Tel : 278501-4, Mumbai Tel : 26439602/26438404
8 King-Da-Dhaba, Mumbai Tel : 23870880
9 Pearline, Tel : 02528-222442, Mumbai : 22050394