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Latur is a district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city of Latur is the district headquarters and Maharashtra's 16th largest city.The district's primary industry is agriculture. The population of the city accounts for 25.47 percent of the overall population.

About Latur
Latur is a district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is Maharashtra's 16th largest city, with the district headquarters located there.
The district is part of Maharashtra's Marathwada area, which is situated in the Deccan plateau between 17°52′ North and 18°50′ North, and 76°18′ East and 79°12′ East. It sits at a height of 631 meteres (2,070 feet) above sea level.The entire district is located on the Balaghat plateau, which is 540 to 638 metres above sea level.
The district's population is mostly agricultural. The population of the city accounts for 25.47 percent of the overall population.Nanded District lies to the northeast, and the state boundary with Karnataka lies to the east and southeast.Osmanabad District to the south-west; Beed District to the west; and Parbhani District to the northwest.

Geographical location:
Between 17°52′ North to 18°50′ North and 76°18′ East to 79°12′ East in the Deccan plateau
Area: 7157 sq km.

Tourist places
udgir,Ausa,naldurga,Sanjivani bet, Vrindavan Amusement Park, Hawagi Swami Math, Jambagh, Sarabagh,limmanappa virupakshapaa Halkude,Jama Masjid,Vadval Nagnat,Shri Krushna Satya Sai Dham,Hatthibet, Buddhvihar,Shirur Anantpa tehalni,Sakol,Satala,Hadoli,Panchincholi,Jain Parshwanath, SomLing.

How to Reach
By Bus:
Regular State Transport buses are available from any Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Bus Stand. National Highway 62 passes through Ausa Taluka in Latur District.

By Train:
Latur District connected with train. The available trains are Mumbai(430Kms),Pune(338Kms),Nanded(186Kms), Hyderabad(243Kms).The railway station is Latur Railway station, Latur road railway station and Harangul Railway station coms under Latur Headquaters.

By Air:
The Nearest Airport to reach this place is Pune(370Kms),Hyderabad(298Kms), Aurangabad(264Kms).

Latur has an ancient history, which probably dates to the Rashtrakuta period. It was home to a branch of Rashtrakutas which ruled the Deccan from 753 to 973 AD. The first Rashtrakuta king, Dantidurga, was from Lattaluru, the ancient name for Latur. Ratnapur is also mentioned as an historic name for Latur.
The King Amoghavarsha of Rashtrakutas developed the Latur city. The Rashtrakutas who succeeded the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 AD called themselves the residents of Lattaluru.
It was, over the centuries, variously ruled by the Satavahanas, the Sakas, the Chalukyas, the Yadavas of Deogiri, the Delhi Sultans, the Bahamani rulers of South India, Adilshahi, and the Mughals.