Deccan Odyssey

About Deccan Odyssey

Where else you would find a UNESCO heritage site, a superlative vineyards, tigers & lions lazing in the sun baked stretches of wild brush, a palace residence, warm dazzling beaches and cool tranquil backwaters.... only in amazing India.!..

Deccan Odyssey.... Romancing India by Rail

Since the advent of the railways in India, train journeys have been the subject of much fascination and mystery. Indian Royalty and the British aristocracy would often set out on a shikaar or on celebrations, in the wilderness or deserts or mountains, travelling in the luxury of their private palace on wheels. Today, the Deccan Odyssey continues this legacy of princely sojourns by introducing fascinating journeys covering the length and breadth of the exotic and enchanting landscape of India.
The train journeys showcase the opulence and extravagance of the palaces, the traditions and culinary wonders of cities and villages, untouched by the sands of time.
Ripe with romance, adventure and style, each luxury rail tour with the Deccan Odyssey is a one in a lifetime experience. The juxtaposition of the traditional with the contemporary is beautifully presented through vintage cabins, gastronomic cuisines and lively off-board entertainment in each of the deluxe train journeys with Deccan Odyssey.
There are passenger cars with 4 coupes each, Presidential Suites with 2 coupes each, one coupe for differently abled guests, a conference room that can be converted to a dance floor in the night, two restaurant cars, a lounge car and a spa car. Get the bragging rights of slowing down with a calming massage at 80 kms/hour.
Fine Indian and continental cuisine is served on board the two restaurant cars. A high level of on-board service is ensured by experienced hospitality professionals.
Each journey on the Deccan Odyssey is an exploration of India's diversity, exotic locales and the discovery of timeless traditions; taking one on a flight of fancy as you experience the vibrancy, colours, sounds and visual sensations as the train moves through varying regions and rural countryside. Mysteries, intrigues unfold as the train snakes her way through Royal cities showcasing the opulence and extravagance of the palaces, the traditions and culinary wonders of cities and villages well protected from the sands of time.