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Dhamapur (Sindhudurg)

In itself, Dhamapur, a small village situated in the Sindhudurg district, remains a silent spectator. But then once a year it bursts into frenetic activity during the annual fair of goddess Bhagavati held during the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra i.e. March-April when its narrow lanes get filled to capacity with colourful processions. This religious association apart, Dhamapur is also a favourite with those who want to retreat to an absolutely quiet and idyllic corner.


Explore Dhamapur
Off the national highway that connects Mumbai and Goa, Dhamapur has remained untouched by the brutal forces of urbanisation. In this village, the life of its occupants remains as it was decades ago – a cycle that moves in harmony with nature. As such, the quintessential Konkani environment is dominated by the countryside feeling – fields stretching out to the horizon, small houses with their courtyards polished with cow dung, coconut and betel nut trees swaying in gentle rhythm with the breeze and unhurried folk for whom hustle and bustle has never been a part of their complacent and peaceful lives.

Dhamapur is also famous for its famous temple of Bhagavati which hides a large natural lake, famous for its crystal clear waters. This can be seen only after going through the temple to the other side. About 125 acres in area, it is one of the largest natural lakes in Konkan. Adjacent to this temple are the temples of Sateri, Narayana and Brahmanandeva, giving Dhamapur an added shield of sacredness. The village has ancient roots and these are evident from the findings of ancient hero and ‘sati’ stones as well as images of deities, indicating that the village has been here since the Shilahara period.

As for accommodation, the lake resort of MTDC situated on the road to the forest department after crossing the village is a unique place to stay. Built in the ‘chatuhshaala’ style, this facility provides a closed courtyard in between the cottages and a spectacular view of the lake on the other side. The forest department of Sindhudurg, on request, arranges for a ‘machan’ (tree house) or tent. It also organises nature walks through its Nisarga Paryatana Kendra. A facility for boating on the lake has also been started recently, unavailable though during the monsoon.

Distance from Mumbai: 300 kms.