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Malvani Fish Curry

Malvani thali consist of fish curry,rice,solkadi,salad,pickle etc

Malvani cuisine is the typical food of Maharashtra's and Goa's South Konkan region. Although Malvani food is primarily non-vegetarian, there are numerous vegetarian options. Although it is a distinct dish, it shares similarities with Maharashtrian and Goan cuisines. Malvan is a town in the Sindhudurg district on Maharashtra's west coast.

Malvani cuisine widely employs coconut in a variety of forms, including grated, dry-grated, fried, coconut paste, and coconut milk. Dried red chilies and other spices like as coriander seeds, peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, ginger, and garlic are common ingredients in many masalas. Kokum, dried kokam (amsul), tamarind, and raw mango are also used in some cuisines (kairi). Malvani masala, a type of dried powder masala, is made up of 15 to 16 dry spices. This masala is coarsely powdered and stored in jars for later use. However, not all cuisine is hot and spicy; Konkanastha Brahmin cuisine is an example of less spicy food.

Solkadhi is a type of drink, an appetiser from the Indian subcontinent, that is typically consumed with rice but can also be consumed after or alongside meals. It is produced from coconut milk and kokum, aamsol or aamsul, the dried fleshy skin of Garcinia indica ('ratambe' in Marathi), whose anthocyanin pigments produce a vivid purple-pink colour. It is popular in Goa and the Maharashtra coastal region.

Solkadhi is made with a liquid extract of fresh coconut known as coconut milk; however, this extracted milk is now available in TetraPak. The resulting coconut milk is generally blended with agal or kokum, a pinch of salt, mustard seeds, and/or chili-garlic paste for flavour and to boost the probiotic content.