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In Maharashtra

असेट प्रकाशक

Pomfret fry

Konkan or coastal districts of Maharashtra. Pomfret fry is a very popular dish in coastal Maharashtra and is considered a signature dish of Konkan. Pomfret is a kind of sea fish. There is a variety in Pomfret locally known as silver Pomfret, Black Pomfret, Khapri Pomfret. The test of Pomfret Fry lies in the spices which are applied to it. The freshly made Ginger Garlic pest added with other spices like turmeric, chilly, Kokum (Garcinia Indica) gives the real test to the preparation. The Homemade spice powder (Masala) is a speciality of every community which adds variety to the test. This spice pest is used for the marination of the fish. The fish is marinated in layers of spices and lastly covered with Rawa (a form of Semolina) or rice flour. The fish is shallow fried and served with Indian bread or rice.  The outer layer is perfectly crispy and the inner part is juicy and soft.

All these preparations have evolved over the period of centuries and have influences coming from various geographical regions. Pomfret fry is a dish seen prepared across the western coast. There are variations in cruises which can be seen in North Konkan and South Konkan. Apart from this the community variation also can be seen in preparations.