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Diveagar (Ratnagiri)

For those who cannot resist the intermittent lull and fury of the sea waves while spreading out on fine sand, there can be nothing better than a visit to Diveagar with its silvery sands that stretch for nearly 5 kilometers flanked by orchards. Diveagar is one of Konkan’s finest beaches and also provides a window into Konkani lifestyle and culture.

Legends talk about how one day, a ship that was off the shore got caught in a storm. The sailors aboard the ship despaired for they thought that all hope had been lost. They prayed that they may be saved, and much to their surprise, they saw a light shining in the distance. They sailed towards that light and were saved. The place where they were saved came to be known as Diveagar, ‘Dive’ meaning ‘light’ and ‘agar’ meaning orchards.

Diveagar is a part of a cluster of three beach towns in the Raigad district – the other two being Shreevardhan and Harihareshwar. A beautiful drive along the coastal road via the village of Shekhadi takes tourists to Diveagar. This strip of the coast is also abundant in flora and fauna. The fiddler crabs, starfish, sea shells and rich marine life draw nature lovers.

The Roopnarayan Temple could be said to be the main place to be visited at Diveagar after the beach. The prime attraction of the temple is its beautifully carved 900-year-old statue of Vishnu that was carved during 12th century C.E. Although the temple and idol are referred to as ‘Roopnarayan’ it must be pointed out that technically the idol is a depiction of Lakshmi Keshav. The carvings of the ten incarnations of Vishnu i.e. the Dashavatar along with the carvings of Brahma and Mahesh are particularly noteworthy. The Roopnarayan Temple and the temple of Uttareshwar Mahadev have both been recently renovated. Other remains from antiquity include stone inscriptions.

Distance from Mumbai: 180 kms.