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Forest Tourism (Amravati)

FOREST Tourism is a leading service since 1999 for Tiger Reserve. MNTT arranges special tours for CORPORATE’S, SCHOOLS & COLLEGES. We also provide special tour packages for COUPLES, FAMILIES & GROUPS.

The People who are living in the skyscrapers and palatial buildings do not know the real feel of nature. The ever-flowing book of water, chirping of birds, acrobatic movements of arboreal and the young ones of the wild east’s are known to them simply in the pictorial forms because they never have the privilege to be in contacts with the object its of nature. As, P.T. Rousseau says, "Nature is the best teacher". The trees, flower, birds & green leaves can teach the philosophy of life in a better way than the formal teachers


We have conducted many family / group tours successfully. We carefully choose the Route for packages keeping in mind the members of the group, as there are of all age.

Special care is taken while traveling and hence we associate forest officers and their men to guide and to help us during the tour. With all the facilities "Maitree" has become the pioneer in conducting such tours.

 Many paths have been created for Adventure Tracking Camp through the beauty of nature . It's very enthusiastic to observe and collect the information about different wild animals and birds marks of there existence, calling and uses of different medical Pants and trees with the added advantage of Adventure Campaigning.

Contact Us :
Head Office  :In Front of  Bank of  Maharashtra  ,Rukmini Nagar , Near S T Bus Stand   Amravati : 4446606  City :  Amravati State : Maharashtra  Country : India   
Mob No : 09822278864 / 09209958436
Email  :maitree.ntta@gmail.com