Trekking Circuits In Maharashtra

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Brain storming meeting of Trekkers and Trekkers Association at MTDC (Head Office) by Hon. MD. MTDC

Best Trekking Places in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is popular as a monsoon travel destination, but winter months are also great to travel to this lush green paradise, in fact it is the best time to travel to the state. Maharashtra has been blessed with several hill stations and rocky terrains and the one thing it is best suited for around this time of the year is outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking. The weather is pleasant; it is not hot or pouring cats and dogs making the climb perilous. Winter is the ideal and safest month for several treks in the region. Many organised travel operators provide treks across the state ranging from easy levels to advanced levels. But you can set out trekking by yourself with a little reading on the best places for trekking in Maharashtra. Here is a list of five great destinations that you can pick from for a wonderful outdoor experience this season!

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MTDC Disclaimer for Treks:

  • The treks are  categories into Easy, Moderate, Tough, More Tough (Technical) and also Monsoon treks, winter treks and treks all throughout the year
  • 1. It should be for 1D (One day), 2 D (two day) and multiple treks 
  • 2. For Visit, Indemnity, Safety please check with operator
  • 3. For Do’s and Don’ts please check with operator
  • 4. For custom  made treks please check with operator
  • 5. For Special Requirement please check with operator
  • 6. Liabilities of all the treks is with operator   

Trekking Group Info

Sr. No Name of the Operator Name of the Person/In charge Contact No. Website / Email Id
1 Shikhar Vedh, Thane Mr. Jagdish Patil 9702121373
2 Giridarshan Trekking Club, Pune Mr. Satish Marathe 9850520058
3 Chakram Hikers, Mulund Mr. Mahesh Bhalerao 9820324896
4 Yatri Shydri, Mumbai Mr. Shrikant Pillai 7666905040 --
5 V Rangers, Pune Mr. Ananda Govekar 9892219155
6 Pune Ventures Mr. Suraj Yadav 9561608070
7 Spandan Tours Mr. Kavish Sukhatankar 9820330615
8 Taksha Consultant, Thane Mr. Rahul Samel 9223350159 --
9 Mumbai Police A.C.P. Mr. Sanjay Rangankar 9321996699 --
10 Kokangabha, Ratnagiri Mr. Shirish Zarapkar 9820066107
11 Maharashtra Nature Park Society Mr. Avinash Kubal, Dy. Director
Mr. Aanadrao Bhosale, Secretary
12 Youth Hostel Association, Mumbai Unit Mr. Rahul Sao, Chairman
Mr. Ganesh Nabar, Secretary
93228 76338
98207 55102