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दिवाळी हा प्रकाशाचा सण म्हणून ओळखला जातो. भारत हा कृषीप्रधान प्रदेश आहे आणि नवीन कापणी शेतकर्‍यांना समृद्धी आणते. दिवाळी हा या समृद्धीचा उत्सव आहे.
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Ingredients and Short Recipes

Diwali is a special festival in India that brings the community together. There is an exchange of gifts and sweets. The set of special recipes associated with Diwali traditionally evolved over the period. Diwali Snacks are combinations of sweets and spicy foods.
Ladoo and Chiwada are the basic combinations. Sweet Ladoos are made of various ingredients like Rava (Semolina), Besan (Gram flour), Motichur etc. Chivada is spicy and made of Poha (flattened rice) or corn flakes. 
Among other sweet preparations, Karaji and Anarasa are the two popular sweets. Spicy recipes combined with Chakali and Kadboli,
There are various types of fried, baked and roasted recipes prepared for Diwali. It is a new year celebration and welcoming of the guests for the same. It is the post-harvest season in India that brings prosperity and is celebrated by these preparations.


Diwali celebration has its history in India. It is considered the beginning of the new year according to one of the Indian calendars, which are more than 2000 years old. Many of these recipes in Diwali Snakes are very old.

Cultural Significance

Diwali is celebrated in the mainstream as well as tribal cultures with different names. This is the post-harvest season which marks the beginning of the new year. All Communities and casts prepare Diwali snacks and share it as a gesture of gratitude to each other and to mother nature.