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नाशिक जिल्हा, महाराष्ट्र, भारत.

Unique Features

नाशिक द्राक्षेला २०१०-११ मध्ये GI (भौगोलिक संकेत) टॅग प्राप्त झाला.
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Ingredients and Short Recipes

Nasik is a city in Western Maharashtra. Nashik is known as the ‘Grape Capital of India’. Grape farming has been done in Nashik since the 1950s. Nashik contributes to more than half of the total grape export from the country.
Due to the availability of grapes in ample amounts here, various Vineyards make wines. There are several vineyards manufacturing quality wines, and Sula Wine is one of the leading manufacturers of Wines in Nashik. The wines are produced in two types: red and white. There are 29 wineries in operation in Nashik at present.


The history of Grapes goes back to the 14th Century AD and was introduced to us by Persian Invaders. The production of grapes significantly increased in the 1950s in Maharashtra when better grape cultivation methods were introduced and used.

Cultural Significance

Nasik has various commercial ventures coming up related to grape production and wineries. Recently the Grapes festival was also introduced in the region.