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जुलै विशेष

ईद-उल-अधा / बकरी इद ९ जुलै

ईद उल-अधा / बकरी ईद / हरी राया हाजी इस्लामिक कॅलेंडरच्या शेवटच्या महिन्याच्या १0 व्या दिवशी साजरी केली जाते. अब्राहमच्या इशामेलच्या बलिदानाच्या स्मरणार्थ हा दिवस साजरा केला जातो.
कुराणमधील कथेनुसार, मुस्लिमांचे धार्मिक पुस्तक, प्रेषित अब्राहमची ईश्वराने परीक्षा घेतली. हा सण जगभरातील मुस्लिमांसाठी एक प्रमुख सण आहे. जगभरातील मुस्लिम हा दिवस मोठ्या थाटामाटात साजरा करतात.

Ashadi Ekadashi on 10 th July, 2022.

‘Tourism Dindi’ to be a part of the Wari Pilgrimage procession Maharashtra Tourism’s debut participation in the devotional ceremony

29 th June, 2022, Mumbai: For the first time Maharashtra Tourism will be participating in Wari pilgrimage procession by having their own ‘Tourism Dindi’.The flag off ceremony will be conducted on 1 st July at Phaltan, with around 400 devotees and tourism stakeholders, from where Dindi will proceed towards Pandharpur and will culminate on Ashadi Ekadashi on 10 th July, 2022.
The Pandharpur wari is a 21-day pilgrimage procession from Alandi to Pandharpur, the abode of Lord Vitthal. After waiting for two years, this year Maharashtra is buzzing with the chants of Vithu-mauli as the Warakaris have set out from the corners of Maharashtra towards Pandharpur to bow down at the feet of Lord Vitthal. The journey, which spans three weeks on average and is traditionally undertaken entirely on foot, is a way for the Warkaris to affirm their faith and remember their saint-poets (Saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram etc.)
Wari, one of the most important festivals in Maharashtra is a beautiful and colourful sight to be witnessed. An important feature of this festival is the Ringan ritual, a race between two horses. One has a rider while the other is left without one and it is concluded that the horse without a rider customarily wins the race for it is believed to be ridden by the saint himself. Ringan is performed in Malshiras, Velapur and Wakhri.
The history of Wari is several years old and it is believed that Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj took initiative to protect the Wari tradition. Milind Borikar,Director, Directorate of Tourism (DoT) said, “This is the first time that Maharashtra Tourism is participating in Wari festival and Directorate of Tourism is keen to participate in this year event in the form of Tourism Dindi. We will have a LED van, providing information on various tourist destinations in Maharashtra as well as a tourist caravan. Media representatives will be able to get a tour of the caravan during the occasion.”
The Directorate of Tourism invites all media and tourism lovers/ devotees of Lord Vitthal, who have not been able to attend and get an experience of the festival due to lack of time, to participate in the Tourism Dindi.