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The Parbhani district, formerly known as Prabhavatinagar, is one of the eight districts in Maharashtra's Marathawada area. In 2001, the district had a population of 1,527,715 people, with 31.76 percent of them living in cities.This district's headquarters is Parbhanicity. From 1596 to 1724, the district's current territory was divided between the Pathri and Washim sarkars of the Mughal empire's Berar Subah. After the Battle of Sakharkheda in 1724, it was ruled by the Nizam. Parbhani, along with the other districts of Marathwada, became part of Bombay State after the states were reorganised in 1956. It became a part of Maharashtra on May 1, 1960, when the state was constituted.

About Parbhani:
Parbhani, formerly known as " Prabhavatinagar ", is one of the eight districts in Maharashtra's Marathawada area. This entire district geographical region of Marathwada was a part of the erstwhile Nizam State, afterwards a part of Hyderabad State, after reorganisation of states in 1956, it became a part of the then Bombay state, and from 1960 onwards, it is a part of the current Maharashtra state.
Between 18.45 and 20.10 North Latitude and 76.13 and 77.39 East Longitude, the Parbhani district is located. On the north, the district is bordered by the Hingoli district. Nanded district borders the east, Latur district borders the south, and Beed while Jalna districts border the west. To the west, the state capital of Mumbai is located, and Parbhani is well connected by road to other important towns in Maharashtra as well as Andhra Pradesh.
Area: 6,250.58 Sq. Km.

District at a Glance
Area: 6,250.58 Sq. Km.
Population: 18,36,086.
Language: Marathi.
Villages: 848.

Along with the entire Marathwada region, Parbhani was a part of the erstwhile Nizam State; later a part of Hyderabad State; after reorganization of states in 1956 it became a part of the then-Bombay state; since 1960, it has been part of the present Maharashtra state. Parbhani is home to Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University, which is one of only four agriculture universities in Maharashtra. Moreover, Parbhani also has an annual festival at Turabul Haq Dargah, which attracts lakhs of tourists each year.Parbhani is named after Goddess Prabhavati.