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An Appeal to stake holders

Hello dear Stake holders,

MTDC’s web site in attractive form will provide all tourism related services be if private or public under one roof to the tourist worldwide. We appeal our stake holders in the field of hospitality, food and beverage in the state of Maharashtra to join us in this prestigious mission.

When any tourists sitting at home or office access this web site, he can see your property details at the same time when you are on our website. So this is great opportunity for all of you to promote and expand your business. Here are some models created for you.

1] Manage your contents ( description,images,offers} in prestructured micro page and MTDC will facilitate you to sell your product via our booking system.

2] Embed your booking widget in MTDC portal on MTDC’s given micro page and mange your contents.

3]We will help you to sell your product by linking your booking system and offer you a micro page to manage your contents.

4]You can simply display your product with details and with your inquiry form on the micro page given to you.

Please fill the form and be our partner.

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