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Amboli is a famous hill station in South Maharashtra, India.  It is the last hill station before the seaside highlands of Goa.  Amboli lies in the Sahyadri Hills of western India, one of the 
"Eco Hot-Spots'' and has large amounts of strange flora and  fauna.


Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra, India.


Amboli village remained one of the staging posts along the  road from Vengurla port to the city of Belgaum which was  extensively used by the British to supply their garrison in 
South and Central India. Amboli is known for sending large  numbers of youngsters to serve the Indian Army. The  Shaurya Chakra recipient Shahid Soldier Pandurang  Mahadev Gawade was also from Amboli


The hill station of Amboli lies on the Amboli Ghat that is a  mountain pass in Sahyadri. It is one of the most beautiful  ghats in India. This ghat is on the way from Kolhapur to  Sawantwadi. Amboli hill station is surrounded by thick forest,  waterfalls, and a stunning natural landscape. This place is 
one of the most favourite tourist attractions in Maharashtra.


The prominent weather in the region is rainfall, the Konkan  belt experiences High Rainfall (ranges around 2500 mm to  4500 mm), and the climate remains Humid and warm. The  temperature reaches up to 30 degrees Celsius during this  season.
Summers are hot and humid, and the temperature touches   40 degrees Celsius.
Winters have a comparatively milder climate (around 28  degrees Celsius), and the weather remains Cool and Dry.

Things to do

This place is popular and is loved for its waterfalls, flora, and  fauna, lush green forest, trekking experience, and many  more. One cannot miss visiting the Amboli Fall which is  surrounded by numerous waterfalls. This place is also  famous for various water sports activities like Jetski, Banana 
ride, Sitting Bumper Ride, Sleeping Bumper Ride and Speed  Boat Ride. 

Nearest tourist places

One can plan to visit the following tourist places along with  Amboli Hill Station:
● Amboli Falls: Situated 3 KM from the main bus stop,  the Amboli Waterfalls are the major enchantments  here. Thousands of tourists visit these waterfalls  during the rainy season.
● Shirgaonkar Point: The Shirgaonkar Point explores  the gorgeous panoramic view of the valley. Situated  3 KM from the main bus stop, this place gives the  feeling of magic in the monsoon rains.
● Hiranya Keshi Temple: The temple is around the  caves from where the water flows down to form the  HiranyaKeshi River. It is 5 KM from the main bus  stop. The caves also can be explored.
● Nangarta Falls: The Nangarta Falls is a narrow gorge  on which the waterfalls from a height of 40 ft. It is  situated 10 KM away from Amboli, just off the state  highway. During monsoon rains, the waterfalls make  a din which one must not miss.
● Sunset point: The sunset point is located 2 KM from  the bus stop towards Sawantwadi. It provides a  picturesque view of the sunset.
● Kavalshet Point Amboli: Breath-taking view of the  endless valleys and small waterfalls, if you shout out  your name, then its sound will echo through the  mountains. A special feature is a reverse waterfall in  the monsoon rains.
● Maruti Mandir: Located at a distance of 2 KM from  the bus stand, Maruti mandir is the house of Lord  Ganesh and Ram temple along with the Samadhi of  a saint from Amboli.

Special food speciality and hotel

The local cuisine here is that of the Malvani food known for  its spicy food of curries and fries. Being close to the Konkan  side and Goa, little of Konkani cuisine has also seeped in. 
You can find Konkani style fish and kokum juice which is  refreshing juice to have during summers.

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

Various hotels, Guesthouses, lodges, and resorts are  available in Amboli. 
The nearest hospital available is 32.1 KM (51 min) away.
The nearest post office is available at a distance of 0.9 kM (2 min)
The nearest police station is at a distance of 1 KM (3 min).

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

It is accessible throughout the year. Monsoon and winters  are the best seasons to visit. Especially Monsoon as it  gives the pleasure of beautiful waterfalls across the ghats. 
Tourists are advised to strictly avoid the month of May as  the heat can be pretty unbearable. 

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi, Marathi