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Jalna is an administrative district in Maharashtra, India's westernmost state. The district headquarters are at Jalna. Aurangabad division includes the district. The district covers an area of 7718 square kilometres. There are 970 settlements in all. Jamb Samarth hamlet, the birthplace of Samarth Ramdas Swami, is well-known in the district. On September 23, 1803, the Battle of Assaye took place at the village of Assaye, which is located near Jafrabad in this district.
The district's coordinates are 19.01' N - 21.03'N and 75.04'E - 76.04'E.

About Jalna:
Jalna district is roughly located in the heart of Maharashtra state and in the northern direction of the Marathwada region of India. The district is located between 19o1 and 21o3 north latitudes and 75o4 and 76o4 east longitudes. Jalna was a part of the Nizam State before becoming a tahsil of the Aurangabad district after the Marathwada Mukti Sangram. Jalna district was founded on May 1, 1981, by carving away Jalna, Bhokardan, Jafrabad, and Ambad tahsils of Aurangabad district and Partur tahsil of Parbhani district from Aurangabad district. Jalna is bordered on the east by Parbhani and Buldhana, on the west by Aurangabad, on the north by Jalgaon, and on the south by Beed.
The district headquarters are in Jalna, which is well connected by broad gauge railway line to the state capital and the national capital. State highways also connect the state's major cities. Jalna is notable for its hybrid seed businesses, steel re-rolling mills, bidi industry, and agro-based industries such as dal mills. The district is also noted for producing the most Sweet Lemon (Mosambi).
The people of Jalna district were instrumental in the Marathwada MuktiSangram, in which Shri. Janardan Mama Nagapurkar of Jalna sacrificed his life for his motherland.

Tourist places:
Jalna Fort,Moti Lake,Chhatrapati Sambhaji Garden,Ghanewadi Lake, Swami Vivekanand Ashram
How to Reach:
Jalna is a small town and a part of Aurangabad division. It is spread over an area of 7718 km². The district is surrounded by Jalgaon district in north, Parbhani and Buldhana districts on the east, Beed district on the south and Aurangabad district on the west. Shree Ganesh, Mastyodari Devi, Jamb Samarth, Ghansawangi Tq, Jalicha Dev, Anand Swami, Mamma Devi, Kali Masjid, Guru Ganesh Bhavan are some of the prime Jalna attractions that are worth visiting. Chikkalthana Airport is situated at a distance of 51 km from Jalna. It is a public airport situated in Aurangabad, India. There are number of airlines that are providing their esteemed services to passengers. Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Nanded are some of the cities that are connected by air facilities from this airport. From Jalna Railway Station, you can take trains for different cities of the country. The town is well connected with efficient roadway system as well.
By Air:
Jalna does not have an airport. Nearest airport is Chikkalthana Airport.
Jalna64 km away from Chikkalthana Airport (IXU), Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

By Train:
You can easily get regular trains to Jalna from other major cities of the country.
Railway Station : Jalna (J)

By Road:
There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Jalna.
Bus Station : Jalna.

there were 9 cotton-ginning factories and 5 cotton presses, besides two ginning factories at Aurangabad and Kannad, and one oil press at Aurangabad. The total number of people employed in the cotton presses and ginning factories in the year 1901 was 1,016.
Jalna is the biggest producer of sweet lemons and oranges in Maharashtra.
Jalna is the biggest steel producer in Maharashtra state, with many steel companies located in the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) area.