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Ramjan Eid

What exactly is Ramzan? : Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. For Muslims, this is the holiest month. Muslims in India and around the world abstain completely from food and water from sunrise until sunset. It is a spiritual season defined by an increase in prayers and charity acts. It is time to confess one's sins and draw closer to the Almighty. People grow in their devotion to the Almighty and seek for forgiveness.

What exactly is Ramzan Eid for ? :

'Eid Al Fitr' is observed on the day when the first crescent moon appears soon after sunset, signalling the end of Ramzan and the beginning of the new month, Shawwal. It is a very special and auspicious celebration day for Muslims. It is a joyful celebration that commemorates the end of a month of fasting. Eid Al Fitr, also known as Ramzan Eid, has been established as a national holiday.

The Importance of Ramzan Eid :

Ramzan is considered to be the month in which the Prophet Muhammad received the Quran for the first time. Ramzan is the Islamic month of Ramzan. For Muslims, Eid is a religiously significant day. It is a wonderful occasion and one of the most significant days in the Muslim calendar. On this day, the holy month's long period of fasting comes to an end, and Muslims feast and put on new clothes.

Ramzan Eid Observances :

Mosques offer a special prayer on the day of Ramzan Eid. People exchange hugs and well wishes. Delicacies such as sheer kurma, malpua, and phirni are prepared as people greet their friends and relatives. Sweets made from dates and dry fruits are consumed and shared. It is a day of joy and thanksgiving.They fasted for a complete month and got the Almighty's blessings, thus there is cause to rejoice and be thankful. Restaurants are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in whole weeks in most of the parts of Maharashtra.

Overcoming Fasting :

Eid Al Fitr, a popular Islamic holiday, is a fast-breaking celebration. The end of the fast marks the beginning of the feasting season. The feasting can go on for up to three days. Politicians and ministers frequently hold Iftar dinners and encourage others to join them.People are having a fantastic time on this day. People want to rejoice, therefore great feasts with delectable treats are held. Charity is an important part of Islam, and many Muslims use this occasion to feed people in need.

Eid Observances in the Modern Era :

Many individuals celebrate in the traditional way, while others follow modern customs. They wish one other Eid Mubarak on various chatting sites. A big number of people visit shopping malls. Restaurants in numerous locations are fully booked.Some fashion designers create an Eid dress line.
Eid decorations for the home are now sophisticated and attractive.Iftar parties are hosted by Indian Bollywood celebrities during Ramzan and Eid. Eid is a time to come together, welcome one another, and rejoice. Devotees gather at mosques across the country to worship. Even a sip of water or a bite of food is enough to break the Ramzan fast. As a result, after a season of severe austerity, Muslims all across the world celebrate the Eid feast.