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In Maharashtra

Popular Dams

Maharashtra is the one of the big state having source of two biggest river of India in terms of water inflows and river basin area, Godavari and Krishna river. There are around 1821 small, large and big dams in Maharashtra, build on major rivers including Koyna river, Bhima river and Wardha Wainganga river.

சொத்து வெளியீட்டாளர்

Chandoli dam .

ைந்னதாலி அசண ைந்னதாலி
னதைிய பூங்காவிற்கு அருகில்
 இது ஒரு மண் அசண.
இந்த அசண ொைேம்
மற்றும் மின்ைார
உற்ெத்திக்காக கட்டப்ெட்டது.

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ujjani dam .

Ujani Dam is a panoramic place from the Solapur district. It is constructed on the Bhima river and is hence also known as the Bhima dam. It features a variety of indigenous and migratory birds; and is famous for bird watching, especially flamingo and wildlife birds.

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Veer Dam .

Veer dam is situated on the Nira river in Satara district. It gives a stretch of 7-8 KM from along the River Nira. This entire belt along the river is a popular attraction amongst birdwatchers.

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Vaitarna Dam .

Vaitarna Dam is in the Palghar and Nashik districts of Maharashtra. It is constructed on the Vaitarna river and supplies water to Palghar and Mumbai districts. The dam is also known as Modaksagar dam. 

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Malshej Ghat .

It certainly cannot get more picturesque than this! This is the usually the kind of comment you would hear from tourists who flock to the Malshej Ghat once the monsoon has taken a firm grip over Maharashtra. The verdant landscape shouldered by the majestic ranges of the Sahyadris makes the entire setting a feast for the eyes. And never mind if you get soaked through and through. That’s the whole fun!

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Amusement Parks

Dams and Lakes

Maharashtra has an abundance of lakes and waterfalls (especially the ones that come alive during the monsoon) which can make your trip that much more exciting.

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