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Pickles are made all over South Asia, but Maharashtra has made a mark on it. Maharashtra is known for its various types of pickles.

Unique Features

Indians use three methods to preserve perishable edible items like vegetables, fruits and some of the types of seafood. Salted, sweetened and pickled are these three methods. Pickles last for a long time, some of them even last for a year.
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Ingredients and Short Recipes

Pickles play a very vital role in Indian food. Numerous vegetables and fruits are used for making pickles. Seasonal pickles are made per the availability of fruits and vegetables. But usually, Summer is considered the season to prepare long-lasting pickles.
Pickles are made of fruits and vegetables like Mango (raw and ripped), Indian Gooseberry, Jackfruit, Pineapple, Lime, Ginger, Garlic, Chilli, Turmeric root, etc. Amongst seafood Prawns and tiny Shrimp known as Kolim pickles are famous. This perishable raw material usually is cut into pieces, and spices are added to it. Salt and a lot of oil preserve the preparation for a long time.
Pickle spices is a community tradition usually maintained from generation to generation in every family. It gives the variation in pickle tests all over Maharashtra. 
Pickles add a spicy taste to the food and serve some time as a side dish. They are usually spicy but exceptionally sweet by adding jaggery.


People have been making pickles for many years. It is one of the basic methods in preserving food for a longer time.

Cultural Significance

Pickle making is a cultural process in which the entire community is involved during summer. The spices used for pickles are community-specific leaving the mark as the cultural identity.