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Sudhagad (Mumbai)

Sudhagad is one of the ancient forts in Sahyadri. It was the glory of Bhor state. Initially, Sudhagad was called as ‘Bhorapgad’. During empire of Shivaji Maharaj this fort was named as Sudhagad. This fort is approximately 590 meters in height. Sudhagad is a huge fort. It is called as the replica of Raigad.

The ‘Thanale’ excavations in this area are nearly 2200 years old. This shows that Sudhagad may be that much ancient. The construction and the geographical significance indicate that some great rulers might have constructed the fort. According to the Puranas, Sage ‘Bhrugu’ had stayed here and he had established the temple of Goddess ‘Bhorai’ on this fort.

Sudhagad was included in ‘Swarajya’ in 1648. It is described in old records as follows: “Malavji Naik Karake put the ladders in Sakharadara. Initially, Jadhav and Saranayak both climbed the fort under the guidance of chieftain ‘Maloji Bhosale’. After that Haibatrao climbed the fort. 25 soldiers went ahead and killed the guards. Further the chief of the fort was killed in anguish and the fort was conquered.”

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj renamed Bhorapgad as Sudhagad. Later Sambhaji met Akbar (the rebellious son of Aurangjeb) in the ‘Pachchapur village’ situated at the base of this fort. Annaji Datto, Balaji Aavji Chitnis, his son Aavji Ballal and Hiroji Pharjand were all important persons in ‘Ashta-Pradhan Mandal’ of Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj. Sambhaji has killed all of them in ‘Parli’ village near Sudhagad.

Ways To Reach :

1. Savashnicha Ghat (A pass of Savashni) :
Come straight to Dhondase village from Pali village, which is at a distance of 12 km. It takes 3 hours to reach the fort from this place and the way is quite tiring. But it is straightforward; hence there are least chances to loose the way. We reach to Dindi Darwaaja by this way.

2. Nandand Ghat :
Move to west from Akole village keeping Dhangad to the left. We reach Nandand Ghat within 45 minutes. Next to that there is Bavdhan village. Then move towards Pachchapur village to reach at Thakurwadi. From here we can reach the top within 2 hours.

3. From Pachchapur :
The distance between Pali to Pachchapur is 12 km, whereas Pali to Thakurwadi is 13 km. You can walk from Pachchapur to Thakurwadi. From Thakurwadi, one has to ascend by a ladder. This route is not only slippery, but also exhaustive. It takes two hours to reach to the fort by this route. This way takes us directly to Pachchapur Darwaaja.