Lakes & Water Bodies of Maharashtra

Take A ‘Water’ Break

Given a choice, would you like to sit by a lake under a tree and watch birds going about their activities in the unruffled waters or would you prefer to stand under a gushing waterfall and feel the thundering water striking your body with force? Actually, you can do both. Maharashtra has an abundance of lakes and waterfalls (especially the ones that come alive during the monsoon) which can make your trip that much more exciting.

Like Bhandardara, close to Nashik. It’s a monsoon beauty. Packed with picnickers, the Randha Falls plunging into the valley are a huge attraction. The same goes for Malshej near Pune which also happens to be popular with trekkers. At an altitude of 625 meters, the twin hill-stations of Lonavala and Khandala have green valleys and spellbinding waterfalls.

Then there are the waterfalls at Thoseghar, just 20 kilometers from Satara. You will find here a series of amazing torrents cascading down the hill faces, one of which is about 500 meters in height. The best time to enjoy their full power is during heavy rains. There are other such waterfalls, all of which promise fun aplenty. Like the Chinaman’s Waterfall located in the Koyna Valley near Mahabaleshwar. Apparently it got its name from Chinese convicts who used to cultivate the fields surrounding these falls.

But if it’s just a bit of lazing around that you would like to indulge in, and perhaps enjoy a boat ride, visit any of the state’s 23 lakes. Thane, near Mumbai, is popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes’ with Talao Pali Lake and Upvan Lake being the most frequented. The Rankala Lake in Kolhapur, said to be the oldest in Maharashtra, has a ‘Padpath Udyan’ for a lakeside walk and is close to the Mahalaxmi Mandir. A favourite with both locals and tourists, it provides a true picnic ambience with a garden besides it and snack vendors selling local delicacies.

At Nashik is the Ramkund Lake and according to mythological tales, Lord Rama and Sita used to take bath in this lake during their exile. Then there are the other lakes such as Mulshi near Lonavala, Venna in Mahabaleshwar, Khindsey and Ambazari near Nagpur, Lonar in Buldhana district, Pashan in Pune, and Tansa, Tulsi, Vihar and Powai Mumbai which make for perfect getaways. So what’s it going to be? Get soaked or go boating?

  • Those living in Mumbai or Pune consider it a blessing indeed that they have the twin hill stations of Lonavla and Khandala almost a hop, skip and jump away. Perched high on the hill ranges that separate the two metro cities, both these places are known for their salubrious climate and the beautiful green cover they flourish during the monsoon.

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    There is nothing to beat the thrill that you can derive out of walking along a pathway in a dense forest while anticipating the sighting of wild animals in their natural habitat or absorbing the fantastic and myriad range of colours that the area’s flora may have to offer. To be able to absorb such a wonderful experience, you must head toward the Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary in Kolhapur district which offers all this and more.
  • At times, it seems that a landscape with a roaring waterfall, gushing waters from a dam, towering hills in the background and greenery all around can only belong to the movies or the imagination of a writer. Not really! All this comes true at Bhandardara where green paddy fields create a colourful symphony with the bright blue skies and the waterfall provides a musical rhythm while you soak in the beauty of nature at its best.
  • With the rugged beauty of the Western Ghats reflected in an endless pool of shimmering waters, Koyna is a landscape photographer’s dream come true. Situated in the Satara district, the backwaters of Koyna form the massive Shivasagar reservoir.
  • It certainly cannot get more picturesque than this! This is the usually the kind of comment you would hear from tourists who flock to the Malshej Ghat once the monsoon has taken a firm grip over Maharashtra. The verdant landscape shouldered by the majestic ranges of the Sahyadris makes the entire setting a feast for the eyes. And never mind if you get soaked through and through. That’s the whole fun!

  • In itself, Dhamapur, a small village situated in the Sindhudurg district, remains a silent spectator. But then once a year it bursts into frenetic activity during the annual fair of goddess Bhagavati held during the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra i.e. March-April when its narrow lanes get filled to capacity with colourful processions. This religious association apart, Dhamapur is also a favourite with those who want to retreat to an absolutely quiet and idyllic corner.

  • The beautiful hill-station of Amboli is rightly called the ‘queen’ of Maharashtra; such is its natural splendour. Famous among environmentalists as a precious ecological hotspot, it is cool, calm, serene and enriched with all the treasures that the world of flora and fauna can bestow upon it. Located in the princely state of Sawantwadi, Amboli is located on the ridge of the Western Ghats and is particularly majestic during the monsoon when impromptu waterfalls gush down the hilly terrain. 

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    “Ghorazari Lake / Ghorazari Talav ". Ghorazari Dam was constructed as parts of Irrigation Projects by the Britishers during the British Raj in the Year.1923. It is built on and impounds Gorazari River. This is an earth fill Dam surrounded by abundance of nature and forest. The Length of dam is 731.7 m (2400.5906 Feet), while the Height of the dam above lowest foundation is 23.55 m (77.2637 feet). Ghodazari Lake is one of the most preferred destinations for the young crowed from Chandrapur and Nagpur district. Adventure lover can get facilities like Boating, Jungle tracking, lake view restaurant etc at this place. During monsoon while dam overflows many visitors, come here to get the glimpse of the dam. There is a private resort at the southern side of the Dam where accommodation facility is available. Ghodazari Lake is one of the most striking adventures tourist destinations in Chandrapur


    The land of Maharashtra is gifted with many nature wonders. Be it western ghtas which is home of thousands of rare species or mysterious caves at Ajanta; the magnificent forts boasting of historical marvels or be it the pristine waters and tranquil beaches of Konkan. These all places attract thousands of tourists every year. They are on the tourist map of every nature lover.

    But if you are bored of these places and in search of the new tourist destination, then Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall (tallest waterfall of India) might be a very apt place for you. The waterfall is situated in district of Satara in western Maharashtra. It is about 5 km away from Kas Flower Valley.  The lush green mountains and the flowers in nearby flower valley please your senses. The pleasant weather actually relaxes you like anything. But the star attraction of this place is tranquility The place is simply deserted and there are no hawkers, unwanted guides and cameramen to disturb you.



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