Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk

Walking Tours are available in Mumbai, Pune and other major cities in Maharashtra. They are largely run by private tour operators or non-government organizations. Although Walking tours started way back in late 1900s, their popularity among tourists is recent. Recently many new concept-driven tours have emerged. Heritage Walks are the most common concept-driven walking tours. In Maharashtra there is an eclectic mix of Heritage Walks and almost all are conducted in Mumbai and Pune.

Heritage Walks have different formats. Some Walks take tourists along a pre-determined route that may be around 2-3km long while others create a customized Walk to suit the needs of the tourists. Typically, selected heritage sites are visited. A trained guide tells stories and explains heritage value of the sites whether in architecture, history or culture. Different historical experiences unravel in a story that may be scripted and evolves in the due course of the walk. By the way of these stories the guide creates an imagination of past while the tourists are interacting with the people and places from the present. Heritage Walks are best for history enthusiasts. It is a way to grasp the essence of the city.

There are thematic heritage walks that are designed to highlight a peculiar character of the city, for instance Bazaar Walks or Parsi Walk or Food Trails. Such Walks best capture the intangible heritage. Cultural diversity and the spirit of cities can be experienced when interacting with the locals. Bazaar Walks are designed around the traditional occupations of people; these walks are fun and offer ample shopping opportunity. Food trails connect different heritage food joints and give insights into the culinary histories evolving in the city. Some Walks are developed to showcase the culture of a particular community. There are also the wonderful nature trails for nature enthusiasts, where tourists are taken on tree walks or bird-watching sessions in Parks, river-side or other natural habitats. Nature trails are wide and popular especially in Pune.

Heritage Walks are also landmark oriented, i.e. a tour of a landmark site of heritage value, for instance, the Lal Mahal and Shaniwar Wada tour or Bhau Daji Lad Museum tour or even the tours at Ajanta and Ellora World Heritage Sites. Tourists can find it hard to distinguish the genuine heritage tours offered by professionals from those taken by a self-trained tour guide. It is best to do some amount of research on available heritage tours before visiting the place. Much information on heritage walks is available online.

When selecting a Heritage Walk remember that the quality of the Walks do not always improve with the price range. Prices for Heritage Walk range from Rs.200- Rs.3000. Currently Mumbai, Pune , Kolhapur and Aurangabad are known to offer heritage walks. INTACH, a nation-wide organization working in heritage conservation and promotion often arranges Walks on requests in Pune, Aurangabad and Mumbai. In Mumbai, Bombay Heritage Walks has been conducting walking tours since 1999. Mumbai Magic, a private tour company also offers a basket of Walking tours. In Pune, Janwani conducts Pune Heritage Walks that happen every weekend. Besides Pune Walks, Beetle Walks and INTACH’s Warsaa Walks are popular. In Kolhapur a heritage walk is done by an architect- Amarja Nimbalkar, who has been working on heritage conservation for a long time. In Aurangabad INTACH’s heritage walks are available. While heritage walks happen quite often, most of them are once in a while phenomenon.

Mumbai Guide List

Name of Guide Language Mobile No.
Dr. Madhav Phatak Japanese / English 9867019552 / 022-23286228
Mr. Avinash Desai French / German / Italian 9769371349 / 022-28972743
Mr. Bahadur Dubhash 9867392016 / 022-22160162
Mr. Bajirao Thube English 9422715900
Mr. Borade Russian / German 9820403933 / 9004234748
Mr. Bajirao Thube Russian / German / Spanish 9820403933 / 9004234748
Mr. Derek Sanchis German 9823985238
Mr. Joshua Shapurkar English 9422202935
Mr. Shewale Spanish 9820110946
Mr. Jyoti Kulkarni 9820570042 / 022-26280133
Mr. Kishore Balsawar French 9967064474
Mr. Manas Ajgaonkar German 9870254663
Mr. Mangesh Gaikwad Spanish / Russian 9819506216
Mr. Murali Kidambi French
Mr. Naganathan Shankar Italian
9969062760 / 022-41235154
Mr. Prakash Bapat French / German / Spanish 9821229513 / 022-26181789
Mr. Prashant Karekar
Spanish / Russian 9869656154 /922639001
Mr. Shailesh Mulay
Mr. Shirish Bhumkar Italian 9819621982
Mr. Shyamal Walvekar Spanish 9892861408
Mr. Vinay Thite Spanish / Russian 9819506216
Ms Sangeeta Parmar German 9820124703 / 022-28326781
Ms Sarika Padte Spanish / Russian 9819506216
Ms. Aakansha Mehta Spanish 9821297524 / 022-22876521
Ms. Aban Kapdia German 9833224864 / 022-22029037
Ms. Adarsh Prasher Spanish / Italian 022-26498310 / 022-26481307
Ms. Anagha Hade French 9860763830 / 8905990890
Ms. Chandana Abkari Spanish 9821368999
Mr. Mangesh Gaikwad Spanish / Russian 9819506216
Ms. Chitra Acharya Spanish 9869387814 / 9224699999
Ms. Dilshad Modak French / Italian / Japanese 9819506216
Ms. Freni Avari German/ Spanish 9819414198 / 022-23852585
Ms. Gauri Thatte Japanese 9969437462 / 022-25562588
Ms. Gita Aroskar Japanese 9820662507/ 022-27897790
Ms. Hema Bapat Japanese 9833118648/ 0022-26822779
Ms. Jasmin Kotval Japanese 9969437462 / 022-25562588
Ms. Manjari Datar German 9821256303/ 022-24465961
Ms. Mukunda Prabala German 9819214038/ 022-26310461
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    Started in 2012 by Pune Municipal Corporation and Janwani, an NGO; Pune Heritage Walk has won a National Award as the Best Heritage Walk project. 


  • THUIMB brochure

    Mumbai is a land steeped in history and culture.From ancient gothic structures dotting the skyline to streets that narrate interesting stories of the past from commanding statues that pay tribute to the men who matter to majestic monuments that reflect the city’srich heritage, Mumbai has lots for you to see, learn and enjoy. And what better way to explore Mumbai, than to set out on foot and lose yourself amidst the historical extravaganza all around.

    Bombay’s oldest Guajarati newspaper was born in the red brick building in 1822. The architecture of this building is unique and perhaps the only one of its kind in the fort area with a fresh water well in its rear courtyard

    Situated in the Fort precinct of Mumbai, Horniman Circle Gardens is one among the largest parks in South Mumbai. The Horniman Circle Gardens covers 12,081 square yards and is designed with a huge open space with grand buildings towards the center of the walled city. Complementing its lush greenery, this garden was famously known as 'Bombay Green' in the 18th century. After India gained independence in 1947, this garden was renamed 'Benjamin Horniman' as a tribute to the editor of the Bombay Chronicle newspaper


    The Cathedral of St. Thomas is one of the most prestigious landmarks in the city of Mumbai. Built in 1718, the cathedral is a standing example and symbol of the early British settlement. The Cathedral was built in an effort to maintain and possibly improve the standards of the British settlement. The first Anglican Church in the city, St. Thomas Cathedral holds tremendous religious significance for the Christian population of Mumbai. The Cathedral is bedecked with exquisite embellishments and is a towering monument representing peace and solitude. This church was named after St. Thomas, who was one of the 12 Disciples of Christ and who was also the apostle to India. Most of the monuments inside the Cathedral are a witness to Bombay's regal history, although the building is now slowly disintegrating in parts. Here, Holy Communion is held every Sunday at 8:40 AM. To know more about this grand edifice, read on.