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Akkalkot Swami

Akkalkot Swami was a spiritual guru of the Dattatreya tradition. His temple is even known as Vatavruksha Swami Samartha Temple due to the presence of the Banyan tree.


Akkalkot, Solapur District, Maharashtra, India.


Akkalkot is an important centre of the Datta Cult. It was home to Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj, a 19th Century saint who is considered the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Lord Dattatreya is a syncretic deity in Hinduism. The story of the temple revolves around Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj, whose year and place of origin are unknown, but according to the legend he came to Akkalkot in the year 1857. He was said to perform many miracles. He is supposed to have taken Samadhi in the year 1878, and after that, his followers constructed a small temple. 
Along with the temple, a two-storeyed structure with a nagarkhana was constructed.  The temple was renovated in 1920, and the Hall (Sabhamandap) was constructed around 1925. Further construction of the inner shrine of the temple was initiated in 1943 and completed by 1946. Architecture wise it is a modern temple.  There are numerous sacred spots associated with Shri. Swami Samartha in the vicinity of the temple.


The temple is in the city of Akkalkot which is 38 km South-West of the city of Solapur, the district headquarter. 


The region has a hot-semi arid climate year-round with an average temperature ranging from 19-33 degrees Celsius. 
April and May are the hottest months in Akkalkot when the temperature reaches up to 42 degrees Celsius.
Winters are extreme, and the temperature can go as low as 10 degrees Celsius at night, but the average daytime temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius.
The annual rainfall in the Pune division is around 763 mm. 

Things to do

One can visit this temple which is one of the main pilgrim centres in Maharashtra. It attracts more devotees during Datta Jayanti and Guru Purnima.

Nearest tourist places

The nearby tourist attractions include:
1.    Naldurg Dam: 44.1 KM
2.    Naldurg Fort: 43.8 km
3.    Solapur Science Centre: 49.8 KM
4.    Akkalkot Palace: 1.2 KM
5.    Solapur Bhuikot Fort: 39 KM

Special food speciality and hotel

Shenga Chutney (Chutney made from peanuts) and Khara Mutton (Salty goat meat curry) are the special foods of this region.

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

Various accommodation facilities like bed and breakfast, homestays etc. are available.

  • Akkalkot Police Station is closest at a distance of 1.5 KM.
  • Rural Hospital, Akkalkot is the nearest hospital at a distance of 0.85 KM. 

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

  • The temple opens at 5:00 A.M and closes at 10:00 P.M. 
  • It is open throughout the year.
  • The people who visit this place are often referring to this place gives them a positive vibe around

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi, Marathi