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Aravali Hot Water Springs

The Aravali hot water springs are in the Aravali village in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra State, India. It is a natural phenomenon situated to the south of the bridge over the Gad river. The average temperature of these springs is 40°C. 


Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, India.


The hot water springs were discovered a few hundred years ago. Two Kunda (tanks) are constructed around it as separate arrangements for females and males. These springs are very important from the religious point of view to the members of Hindu Community and are worshipped by them.Besides this it is also believed to have medicinal values, and people with skin diseases visit here for a cure. 


Aravali hot water spring is situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. It is 29 KM to the south of Chiplun and 149 KM to the southeast of Satara.


The climate at this place is hot and humid with abundance ofrainfall, the Konkan belt experiences High Rainfall which ranges around 2500 mm to 4500 mm. The temperature reaches up to 30 degrees Celsius during this season.
Summers are hot and humid, and the temperature touches 40 degrees Celsius.
Winters have a comparatively milder climate (around 28 degrees Celsius), and the weather remains Cool and Dry.

Things to do

It is pretty soothing to relax or take a holy dip if you are spiritual. The place is also known for its scenic beauty.

Nearest tourist places

  • Bhatye Beach is a phenomenal beach situated at Bhatye in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Situated along the Konkan coast, it is one of the best tourist places in Ratnagiri. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 61.7 KM. 
  • Jaigad fort is said to have been built by Bijapur Dynasty in the 16th century. Later it passed into the hands of Naiks of Sangameshwar. Jaigad Fort is a coastal fortification that is located near Shastri creek at the tip of a cape in Ratnagiri District. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 69.7 KM.
  • Thiba Palace was built by the British Government in 1910 to keep the former Emperor of Brahmadesh (Now Myanmar) Thiba under house arrest. Until 1916, the Emperor and Empress of Myanmar resided in this palace. Now there is a museum in this palace. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 59.4 KM.
  • Ratnagiri Fort, also called Ratnadurg Fort or Bhagawati Fort. It was built during the Bahamani period. In 1670 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort from the Adil Shah of Bijapur. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 63 KM. 
  • The village is believed to be as old as1200 years. The coastline is famous for the beautiful coconut plantations surrounding it and a clean and neat beach. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 63.8 KM. 
  • The Sawatsada waterfall is known for its mesmerizing beauty. It can be seen very easily from the Mumbai-Chiplun road, also can be visited. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 31.4 KM. 
  • Gowalkot is a small fort located on the southern bank of the Vashishti River. Well known for its ancient fort built by Siddi Habshi of Janjira. The fort was captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and renamed as Govindgad. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 31.6 KM 
  • Ganpatipule is a small town located 25 KM north of Ratnagiri in Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. The 400-year-old Ganpati idol at Ganpatipule is said to be swayambhu i.e. self-arisen. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 56.6 KM.
  • The Mandavi Beach is a vast expanse of seashore that is in the town of Ratnagiri. The beach extends to the Rajiwada port and meets the Arabian Sea in the south. The beach is known as the Black Sea due to presence of black sand found here. It is also renowned as the Gateway to Ratnagiri. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 61.8 KM.
  • Every year from February to May, Anjarle beach witnesses thousands of Olive Ridley hatchlings who start their journey towards giant Arabian Sea. Distance from Aravali hot water spring is 106.6 KM.

Special food speciality and hotel

The place offer treasures of the cuisine which include Alphonso mangoes, Cashews, Amboli, Sandan and different types of Sharbats including the special Kokum. Along with this are the other delicacies like Ambapoli, Solkadhi, Mori Masala curry or Shark Curry and Malvani Mutton curry and many more for some excellent Konkan cuisine.

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

Different types of hotels and hotel rooms in Aravali, Ratnagiri.
The hospital is available at 13.3 KM (22minutes) near Aravali hot water spring.
The post office is available at 6.4 KM (8minutes) near Aravali hot water spring.
The police station is also available at 11.2 KM (17minutes) near Aravali hot water spring. 

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

The place is accessible throughout the year.
But the best time to visit Maharashtra to enjoy bathing in hot springs depends upon the location of the hot springs. For hot springs in or nearby coastal regions, September To April is the ideal time.

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi and Marathi.