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Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary

Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary is in Aurangabad. The presence of the Nathsagar Lake in the sanctuary makes the surrounding areas rich in aquatic flora and fauna.Sant Gyaneshwar Udyan' spread in 124 hectares is set up on the line of the famous 'Vrindavan Gardens' of Karnataka, 'Pinjore Gardens' of 'Haryana' and 'Shalimar Gardens' of Kashmir.

This place stands as the main attraction of tourists. Different species of trees are planted in the park. The 'Nathsagar Lake' was constructed in 1976 as an extensive water reservoir including 26 islands with a shallow saucer type water body with a nearly 450-KM long shoreline.


Tahasil: Paithan, District: Aurangabad, State: Maharashtra


Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary is home to numerous species of birds. The sanctuary is a bird lover's paradise that attracts numerous resident and migrant birds.  
The proximity of Nathsagar Lake to the bird sanctuary adds to the aquatic flora and fauna of the sanctuary. The aquatic vegetation includes species of Spyrogyra, Hydrilla, Chara, Potamogeton, and Vallisneria, etc. More than 50 species of fish are found in the Nathsagar Lake around the sanctuary.

Flora: The aquatic vegetation included mainly Chara, Spyrogyra, Hydrilla, Potamogeton, Vallisneria etc. Argemone Maxicana and Ipomea Fistulosa in the surrounding area. Nearby areas are agricultural irrigated fields, and the habitat has high potential and rich productivity of aquatic flora and fauna.
Fauna: This area has attracted many species of resident and migratory birds. This sanctuary has more than 200 species of birds, including 70+ species of migratory birds. Cranes, Flamingos, Pintails, Wigeon, Shoveller, Brahmany Duck, Pochards, Teals, God Wit, Shauces, and Glossy Ibis, are some of the migratory birds found here.


The sanctuary is spread over in 30 islands of various sizes in the shallow waters, with trees for roosting; this provides an ideal shelter for migratory birds. Jayakwadi Dam, one of the largest earthen dams in Asia, is located around 52 KM away from Aurangabad in Maharashtra.


The average rainfall here is 500 mm every year during June-September. During Summer temperature reaches up to 45 degrees Celsius, while during winter the minimum temperature is 9 degrees Celsius. 

Things to do

Bird watching in the morning is the biggest attraction for the visitors here. .

Nearest tourist places

Paithan Jain Tirth: Paithan village is near to the Sanctuary. The village is a well-known ancient Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra, meaning a pilgrimage place of miracles. This temple is dedicated to Munisuvrata, the 20th Jain tirthankar.
Paithan village is famous for its silk sarees. Watching the process of saree weaving is the attraction of the place. 

Special food speciality and hotel

Freshwater fishes from the dam and backwater are commonly served in all hotels. 

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

Timings: 08:00 am to 05:00 pm
No Entry fees
The best time to visit this sanctuary is between October and March when the winter temperatures make the days pleasant, perfect for spotting migratory birds that flock the bird sanctuary during these months.

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi and Marathi.