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Kalsubai is known as the Everest of Maharashtra, is in the western ghats of Maharashtra. It is the highest peak in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra at an elevation of 1646 mts. It is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. This trek offers a breath taking combination of natural environments like waterfalls, forests,grasslands, and historic forts.

Districts/ Region

Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India.

History :

The shortened summit offers a modest area of ​​flat land that houses a sacred Kalsubai temple. A traditional prayer service takes place twice a week, that is, every Tuesday and Thursday by a priest. The localities celebrate the feast of Navratri by organizing a fair. Visitors from neighboring villages visit the temple. Several stands to provide pooja material to the faithful are set up around the summit. On these special occasions, locals participate in this fair which helps to supplement their livelihoods and offers them the opportunity to respect the sacred mountain.

Geography :

The peak as well as the adjacent hills extended in an east-west direction which eventually merges with the dreaded Western Ghats escarpment almost at a right angle. They form a natural border delimiting IgatpuriTaluka, Nashik district to the north and AkoleTaluka, Ahmednagar district to the south. The mountain is part of the Deccan Plateau, with its base at an elevation of 587 meters above mean sea level.

Weather/Climate :

The region has a hot-semi-arid climate all year round with an average temperature ranging from 19 to 33 degrees Celsius.

April and May are the hottest months when the temperature reaches up to 42 degrees Celsius. Winters are extreme and the temperature can drop as low as 10 degrees Celsius at night, but the average daytime temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius.
Annual precipitation in the region is approximately 763 mm.

Things to do

The place is popular for trekking. Adventure activities such as hiking, trekking and rock climbing are available.

Nearest tourist places

  • We can plan to visit the following tourist places with Kalsubai
  • Peak Bhandardaralake: Beautiful lake with a beautiful environment located 16.2 km south of Kalsubai. Good place for a weekend visit. One can visit here during or after the monsoon.
  • Bhandardara: Bhandardara has many attractions such as picturesque views, cold climate, waterfalls, lakes, etc. A small hill station with many activities located 15 km south of Kalsubai peak.
  • Sandhan Valley: The Sandhan Valley is a beautiful valley carved into the magnificent Sahyadri mountain range, which is part of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. 32.3 km from Kalsubai peak.
  • Fort Ratangarh: This fort is located in Ratanwadi. One of the must-see places during the monsoon, it also has a famous temple of lord shiva. It is 26.7 km from Kalsubai Peak.
  • Randha Waterfall: The clear water of the Pravarariver falls fiercely from a height of 170 feet into a magnificent gorge, the place can only be visited during the monsoon. It is 14.6 km from Kalsubai.

Food and hotel specialty

The local cuisine here is mostly Maharashtrian dishes with a mix of southern and northern Indian cuisines. Many restaurants nearby offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with a touch of local flavor.

Nearby accommodation & Hotel / Hospital / Post office / Police station

  • Located in Igatpuri in the Maharashtra region, Kalsubai Camping offers accommodation with free private parking.
  • A vegetarian breakfast is served daily at the camp.

     You can also relax in the garden.

  • Nashik is 60 km from Kalsubai Camping, while Bhandardara is 16.2 km away.
  • A primary health care center is available near Bhandardara.
  • The nearest post office is available in Warungshi, located 6.7 km from Kalsubai.
  • The nearest police station is 26.2 km away in Ghoti.

Rule and time of visit, Best month to visit

From June to August for the monsoon trek (rain), from September to October for the flower trek, night treks from November to May are recommended. At the end of May, you can see the pre-monsoon cloud cover below the summit. Camping is available in Kalsubai after monsoon retreats. During the monsoon, camping is not possible as strong winds and rains will wash away the tent.

Language spoken in the region

English, Hindi, Marathi