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Toranmal is one of the lesser-known destinations in Maharashtra. This makes it more of a calm and less crowded place. It is a small plateau in the Nandurbar district. The altitude and geographic settings make it a beautiful hill station with natural beauty and a pleasing climate.  


Nandurbar District, Maharashtra, India. 


The name Toranmal has many stories behind it. The word Toran means welcome arch, and Mal means garland. The landscape is full of natural arches of trees appearing like garlands strung together when viewed from the heights of Satpura ranges. Hence it got the name Toranmal. Another legend says it is related to the ancient Tor tree. This tree blossomed so prolifically that locals began worshipping Torna Devi who became the presiding deity of this hill station, and it took the name from this tree and goddess. 


Toranmal is in Satpura hills in the Akrani taluka of Nandurbar district in Maharashtra. This hill station lies 1461 metres above mean sea level. Toranmal is enriched with a variety of flora and fauna. Apart from the dense forest surrounding the hill station, Toranmal is also famous for its unique and lesser-known culture and tradition.


The average annual temperature is 24.1 degrees Celsius.
Winters are extreme in this region, and the temperature goes as low as 12 degrees Celsius. 
The sun is very harsh during summers. The region gets more rain during summer than winters. The temperature during summer goes above 30 degrees Celsius.
The average annual rainfall is around 1134 mm. 

Things to do

Tourists can pay a visit to caves and caverns in Toranmal. Many tourist and photogenic points are marked at this hill station like Khadki point, Sita Khai, Lotus lake, Yashavant lake, etc.

Nearest tourist places

  • Sita Khai: - The beautiful place will leave you absolutely spellbound, Sita Khai is a place located nearly 3 KM from Toranmal. It has anenthralling valley and a waterfall situated at the site serves as the major attraction to tourists from all over India. Echo point is also located at Sita Khai which is quite popular among visitors.
  • Lotus lake: - A delightful sight awaits you at Lotus lake locally known as Kamal talao which is covered with beautiful lotus flowers. A stream originating from this lake flows into Sita Khai presenting a wonderful glimpse of the waterfall.
  • Yashwant lake: - Yashavant lake is a gorgeous natural lake covering an area of 1.59 sq. KM. The lake derives its name from Yashwantrao Chavan, the former chief minister of Maharashtra. Tourists can indulge activities such as boating and fishing in the lake.
  • Machhindranath cave: - Machhindranath cave is a naturally formed cave which is said to be a meditating place of Saint Machhindranath. Located in the vicinity of this cave are Machhindranath mandir and the seat of sage Markendya.
  • Aawashabari point: - Situated along the border of state of Madhya Pradesh, Aawashabari point offers a very marvellous view of lofty mountains and the forest rest house. Another enthralling sight that this viewpoint offers is of Jatindranath Tempe and the ruins of the fort of Gond raja attracting many tourists.
  • Khadki point: - Khadki point is a place that offers a fascinating view and also popularly known trekking region in Toranmal. A must visit place during the monsoon season as it offers many panoramic views lush greenery in the surroundings.
  • Torna Devi temple: - According to the local people the Torna Devi temple is believed to be as old as 600 years. The idol of the goddess is carved out of black stone representing Torna Devi.


Special food speciality and hotel

Being located in Maharashtra, the place also predominantly served delicious and spicy Maharashtrian cuisine. Delicacies made out of tur, maize, wheat and jowar are famous here.

Accommodation facilities nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police station

Various hotels and restaurants are available in Toranmal.
Rural Hospital is at a distance of 4.5 KM from Toranmal.
The nearest Post office is at 0.4 KM.
The nearest police station is at a distance of 37 KM on Toranmal ghat road.

Visiting Rule and Time, Best month to visit

Toranmal is a destination that comprises empirical weather. It is a refreshing summer getaway. The best time to visit the place is during the month of October to May post which the monsoons knock on the doors of the town. Toranmal experiences mild yet more rainfall during summers than the monsoons. 

Language spoken in area 

English, Hindi, Marathi